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  1. Which has better success for people with the red mark situation? Debating whether or not to buy mama lotion, price doesn't bother me.
  2. You can get it at Target too....by the supplements. It's just called Tea Tree Oil.
  3. I have had acne for years, now 22. Proactiv has kept my face acne in check for the most part but I suffer from alot of red marks and shallow scars. I was wondering if Dan's AHA will help fade the red marks or if I should try something else first? I want to buy something that people have had alot of success with - thanks! m
  4. Hey there - I use Proactiv, and have for years. I typically never used to regimen twice a day as you're supposed to....but I have been lately. It's good results (not great, buy hey)...exept now I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaay DRY skin. Is there a good moisturizer out there for the face that's not too oily and doesn't make ya breakout? Thanks!
  5. Yes I know this pain. I never wear a swimsuit....never wear tanks...I've been doomed to be a t-shirt wearing girl because of my bacne. I hate it.
  6. I've had acne since I was a teen...now 22 and still suffering. I started using Proactiv in high school and it helped alot but never completely clear....and I'm stuck with a reddish tinge on my face. I would also spot treat with 10% BP by Clearasil. I still have this same regimen for all these years (and hundreds of dollars later)! I've read people that have gone from proactiv to Dan's and found their face to become less red....maybe even be better? Should I try it? I have mild to moderate acn