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  1. Hey guys! It's been about two weeks since my last treatment. This time, I opted to have a facial for 20 minutes before my laser. It just involved a facial cleanser and extractions which were not anywhere near as painful as the laser... The Isolaz procedure was pretty standard. I asked for more work on my chin, and afterward it was shocking to me to see the disappearance of many of the blackheads I've had for years. Very painful process though. It was red only for a day or two, then it looked
  2. Hmm that doesn't sound like a very supportive doctor! It sounds like you're well on your way to being clear... Looks like you'll have the last laugh. As for me, it's been about a week and a half since my second Isolaz treatment, and I'm not seeing that much improvement. It basically didn't change. Or at least not for other people to notice. I have a slight reduction in large whiteheads. The blackheads have not been eliminated - my nose is now even more sensitive to hard-forming pimples. Oth
  3. Hi, again! To arielle and mostextreme - best of luck! I'm glad it's been working for you mostextreme, and hopefully your skin won't dry out from the treatment, arielle. It didn't make my skin dry at all - maybe that's because I use a lot of moisturizing sunscreen. Today was my second session, and it was a bit shorter, only about 35 minutes total. Very painful - at some points it felt like knives were digging into my face. But, then again, the pain went away as soon as she took the tip off that
  4. Thanks for your replies, guys! Dill00, I am glad it seems to be working for you! Keep us posted. I have mixed news for myself actually... So, it's been about two weeks since my last appointment and I'm due for my next in two days. My face still has big flat red areas, but I feel like maybe they're not as violently red as before. I don't really have BIG pimples anymore... just scattered smaller ones, and they usually respond to spot treatments. I think my nose is producing less oil - it still
  5. Oh, BTW, I have another idea for you... It's a type of tea called Get Gorgeous Herb Tea for Clear Skin by the Republic of Tea. It's main ingredient is roobois, full of antioxidants, and it contains other calming elements like chamomile... Supposedly, if you drink 3-4 cups everyday for a while, it can really keep your skin clear! Search it on google and there's a blog review in which a woman who drank 3-4 cups everyday for six months said that she couldn't remember the last time she had a pimple!
  6. Hey! What have you tried? What are you doing right now? If you have small pimples popping up all the time, have you tried over-the-counter spot treatments? This may seem pretty obvious, but I don't know what your regimen is... Because, for example, for a party, Kiehl's blemish spot treatment with salicylic acid totally shrinks a pimple in about 4 or 5 hours, enough to conceal it perfectly. If you apply it over several days, the pimple disappears! I'm sorry that your mom is kind of bothering yo
  7. I'm not sure if it many doctors would do it on the chest area (I got the impression mine did not), but the R.N. said that the back is treatable with Isolaz for sure. She just told me that I should try the treatment on my face first and then we'll see about my back. I do not see it causing any dryness or flakiness... I use an oil-free moisturizer with SPF 30, and my face seems fine. It would probably be okay, as long as you monitored the situation and moisturized with something noncomedogenic.
  8. Hey, I feel for you in that you're not getting the results or treatment you desire, but imho... Accutane is not the way to go. It is a big risk. My dermatologist offered me Accutane because I have moderate acne, but I refused to take it based on a lot of research. He told me it was "one of the safest drugs on the market" - not at all. It can cause irreperable liver and kidney damage, you'll have to give up alcohol, go on a severe anti-pregnancy monitoring thing, deal with dry, itchy skin, poss
  9. Hey, guys! Drum roll... Today, I received my first Isolaz treatment! The Isolaz basically uses a vacuum to suck oil and blackheads and sebum and all kinds of things out of your pores, and then uses a laser flash to kill bacteria within. Supposedly, it also reduces red marks, shrinks oil glands, and generally shrinks pore size while providing a deep-cleaning. 3-5 sessions (1 every 2 weeks) is the amount of treatment recommended, with some 'maintenance' sessions occasionally after that. At the