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  1. Hey thanks for checking my blog out, good luck with Accutane, le tme know how it goes, dont think I could handle an initial breakout fo rmonths on end.....


  2. Hi Emma - I think it has more to do with what your total course ends up being. For me I know the total number of tablets my derm wants me to take (8 boxes) and it's just a matter of whether I spread that over a longer period by staying on 40mg or up to 60mg and finish sooner. I'm inclined at the moment to stick with the 40mg until the end of my first box and then re-evaluate. Cheers Christine
  3. Hi i_ming - my dermatologist has me on a course of 8 boxes each of 60 x 20mg tablets - so 9600 in total. EternalTraveller
  4. Thanks Rjeffler. How severe/extensive was your acne to begin with? And what length of course has your doctor got you on?
  5. I posted this in my blog, but figured I should post here to get some wider input: When my derm prescribed Roaccutane for me, he said to start on 40mg and then I could try out 60mg if I wanted to (but noted that some people can't tolerate that much). I weigh about 68kg. I've been on 40mg per day for 18 days and am wondering whether I should think about upping my doage to 60mg per day? So here's my current thinking: * I'm tolerating the 40mg quite well (no IB - touch wood - and no major sid
  6. Hey BounceCounts - just wondering whether you've started your Tane treatment yet and if so, how it's all going. Take care & keep bouncing, EternalTraveller

  7. Possibly your hormone levels have changed since you were last on the pill and perhaps the pill is no longer sufficient to mediate against this.
  8. I've successfully used Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF55 - it's never broken me out and has a good matt finish once applied (not greasy like some). All the best for a great holiday, EternalTraveller
  9. I've been using Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin and love it. Gets rid of flakey skin but doesn't make me greasy. Like you I have an oily T zone but sensitive skin. I'm 1 week into Tane.
  10. Hi there - I take Diane 35-ED. Started taking it to help with my acne many many years ago. Doesn't cause me breakouts. Not sure where you are located, but I don't think Diane 35ED is available in the U.S. All the best, EternalTraveller
  11. Not sure about Saw Palmetto. Honestly I would ask your Derm or Pharmacist b/c I was taking a anti-biotic before I started and my pharmacist told me there was a serious side effect of brain damage taking the two together and to wait 2 days before beginning the Tane. So, better safe than sorry!

  12. All the best Eternal Traveller, I think that with the right attitude ANYTHING can be accomplished. I have four days to go and counting down the seconds... I'm also going to see an iridologist who can help with supplementing my treatment b/c well let's face it,l Roaccuttane might clear up the acne but it kinda knocks you round on the inside - something to keep in mind I guess!! Hey

  13. Just picked up my script - $33.50 AUD for 60 x 20mg tablets. Cheers EternalTraveller
  14. Hi Ba, I went to a private dermatologist (for the hefty fee of $170 for what turned out to be about a 10 minute consultation!). Fortunately he indicated that I shouldn't need further appointments during my treatment unless I want them (e.g. if significant side effects) or if my 6 weekly bloodtest is problematic. As for cost of roaccutane, I will be - pending my blood test being ok - picking mine up tomorrow so I will let you know. But it looks like it is covered by the PBS scheme and should
  15. Hi there - I'm also from Australia. I got prescribed Accutane just last week at my first dermatologist appointment (just waiting now for my blood tests to come back before I actually start). When I went to the dermatologist I took a typed up page detailing my acne historyand the oral and topical medications I had used and was currently on (which included oral and topical antibiotics, hormone therapy [aldactone], vitamins, BP etc.). And while I only had two active spots at the time of my appoin