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  1. I wouldn't use something with alchahol and that's all there is to it! I use the proactiv toner it seems to work good, it's alchahol free, you should try it!
  2. Uhm i'm guessing where you get it. I think it would be the same either way, unless other ingredeints are added in. But if both things have the same ingredients, both are the same.
  3. I don't have much to add on other than to mention that sun makes acne worse!
  4. I wash my face only twice a day, I used to have extremely oily skin but when I reduced washings, the oil reduced too. I use Clean and Clear continous control acne face wash which is helpful, it will dry you out, and it doesn't always feel like it's getting way down in my pores, but it must because it makes my skin clearer and considerabley less oily.
  5. I use Clean and Clear oil free continous control acne wash. It's a little drying and doesnt always feel like it's getting way down in my pores, but it must because with a little moustorizer it kind of cleared up my skin without any thing else
  6. Ok I wouldn't do it especially with sensitive skin. I would suggest you not do this, because all those ingredients are extremely drying and probably harmful to your face! Alchahol especially is very drying, if you insist on doing this I would use a really good, oil free, moustorizer.
  7. Head and shoulders is known to dry out peoples scalps, are you sure its not drying out your skin or damaging it and you just dont realize it? I mean I'm glad it works but shampoo and especially dandruff shampoos can be very drying and damaging make sure to use a moisturizer!
  8. Try a highly recomended and structured regimen. I would not mix a bunch of products together I would just buy like proactiv, or clean and clear that type of thing, where the regimen is already like planned out, and use it for 3-4 months! And see if it works, 3-4 weeks is def too short!
  9. I only used the cleanser because thats all I had with some other acne treatment stuff that ive used before and it didn't really help. Proactiv however worked miracles. my bad acne went down in days.
  10. I can't identify what kind of acne you have, and obviously no one else can either. As for acne scar treatment I know there is some store brands like Olay and Nuetrogena I think that have some. However, no store brands is 100% good for all people. and a lot of the time they take a long time to work versus the dermatologists. I would go see one instead of relying on treatments that are bound to either not work, not work as well, or take a long time to work in comparison to the dermatologists.
  11. Hey don't lose hope, visit a dermatologist and everything is going to get better. I suffer from acne but it's not too bad it's on my face and back, I get tired of people judging me and looking at me like theres something wrong with me because of it, like I have a bad diet or something. But beauty is more then skin deep, people that are worthwhile will look past your acne, though I think you don't look bad at all! It is tough because even the nicest people judge on appearance, so just hang on and