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  1. Hi all, I am a few days away from finishing my 6-month course on claravis (60 mg/day). In the last 2-3 weeks I have had some pain/soreness in my sternum area, particularly when: sneezing, bending over/bending backwards, coughing, or doing exercises like push-ups. I am just wondering if this a potentially serious issue, and if so what I can do about it (no point in stopping the pills, as I only have 3 days left anyway). I have started to take fish oil tablets daily as I hear this helps. Is
  2. Hi Guys, I'm a bit paranoid about my regimen, as I'm not sure my derm is 'top-notch' so to speak. Anyway, I was told: AM: BP 2.5% thin layer over entire face, then Clindamycin generic lotion 1% over entire face (so far I have been using around a large pea sized clidnamycin, and thin finger length of Dan's BP) PM: Just tretinoin generic .025% (can I mix this with Jojoba when applying, seems pretty hard to spread around). Other than that I use Cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisturiz
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'm following it. I've been using BP for so long (as, since I was on the regimen, in quite large quantities) that I'm used to irritation and can deal with it fairly well. So far the clinda/bp AM & tret. PM is no more irritating than before. I do have a question about quantities, however (as usual, derm. was incredibly vague). I have read on various websites the 'pea sized' amount of Clinda/Tret. for the entire face. Currently I am doing a thin layer of BP over enti
  4. Hi all, I have been using 2.5% Benzoyl peroxide ONLY for around 2 years, have seen o.k. but not great results (still get breakouts). I went to the derm and he prescribed Clindamycin Lotion 1% and Tretinoin Cream 0.025% (both seem to be generics) to use in addition to BP. I am not sure in what combination I should be using these, he wasnt very clear. From what I've read Clinda works best in combo with BP. Should I apply a thin layer of BP & Clinda in the AM, then use Tret. ONLY in the
  5. Hey guys, I've been a long-time regimen user, currently doing a large amount of BP at night and little during the day (to prevent redness at work). Anyway, I've noticed that my skin is tight and a bit flaky after washing no matter what/how I do it. I've tried washing gently or for only a few seconds as Dan recommends, washing a bit more 'massage -like' for longer as others recommend, etc. and always the same result. I was wondering whether the flakes and dryness are a result of the was
  6. I have had burning after moisturizer application, and increased 'flushing' or blushing of the skin. It hasn't gone away, but most of my acne has... a decent trade-off!
  7. Hey all, I asked this question earlier but got no responses, and am hoping for some input. My skin, which in the winter was far too dry, is now too oily. My regimen: Morning Neutrogena Visibly Even Facial Cleanser (like Dan's but with very tiny exfoliating beads, so that I don't have to use AHA) Apply BP only to active lesions (not many these days) Neutrogena Visibly Even Facial Moisturizer w/ SPF 30 Night Neutrogena Visibly Even Facial Cleanser Apply moderate layer of BP to entire face (a
  8. Holy shit man. Are you... me? Basic regimen (although I go easy on the BP these days), workout, chicken-based diet, light on the moisturizer as an afterthought, minimal touching, male, 20, shave every other day with an electric razor. Kinda weird. Anyway, I have the same issue. I found that when I was applying tons of BP I never broke out, but it dried my skin horribly and irritated it. So I use about a 3/4 finger length of the stuff and I get a few pimples every week. I also get these under-
  9. Hi all, I have been on the regimen for around 6 months now, and wanted some advice. My skin started off very dry, particularly in the winter months. As a compromise I only do the regimen at night now, and probably only using half the amount recommended. I still get a few pimples, but nowhere near as bad as before - success on that side. However, I have noticed that my skin is oily/greasy now, even during the day when I don't use BP. I have alternated (in the day) using/not using moisturizer
  10. "I want to ask random people in real life what they think about my skin, but what is the best way to approach this? I dont want to ask a friend because they will most certainly lie to me." See my previous comment: your brain will not accept anyone telling you your skin looks normal. It won't, because your eyes tell you that your skin looks bad. There is nothing that anyone online or in person can tell you that will help you get over this. It has to be an internal reflection.
  11. The real problem here is that you have some obsessive tendencies. I should know as I do as well. This lead to depression for me as it apparently has for you. Look up Winston Churchill's 'Black Dog' - sound familiar? At any rate, there's no point telling you your skin looks normal (it does), or that you are over-reacting (you are), as you won't listen. You will find flaws or inconsistencies with what people say, take things out of context, come up with excuses to support your 'I have terrible sk
  12. I use Cetaphil instead of the new moisturizer, as I also suffered for flakes for a good month. I am using less BP now than I used to, but I only need to use a nickel-sized amount of cetaphil moisturizer with 1 drop of Jojoba Oil morning and night and it has worked great. It can get a bit shiny after a few hours but I just blot the shine off with a tissue so it's not a big deal for me. Cheers.
  13. Who exactly said it was a miracle cure? Judging from the pictures from both of you, yes you have had bad reactions. The best advice is to discontinue or severely reduce the amount of benzoyl peroxide you are using. BP might not be good for YOUR skin, but that doesn't mean it is not good for THE skin - THE skin being that of the majority of users. Luck of the draw is a bit harsh, as the side effects occur in a very small minority of patients. Please don't use such ridiculous hyperbole.
  14. Wait... how much of the redness I see on your forehead is from the regimen? If all of it, then no; that is not a usual reaction I have seen (and I've seen quite a few). I would advise one of the following: A) Cutting back on the BP drastically and then building back up over the course of a few months, noting changes. B) Start using BP only in the morning or at night instead of both. C) Stop using BP altogether and see if the problem disappears. It is important to only remove one component
  15. If like me, your skin 'suddenly' got dry around mid-October due to Winter approaching. Happens to most people here, check out the many 'what moisturizer to use' threads. It sucks, but... better than acne (most of the time!).