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  1. OK. I'm getting cold feet about the whole accutane decision. As time wears on, the more nervous i become. I have been self-medicating with azalex ( azaleic acid 20% ) since I read the post about finacea that just seemed too good to be true. So far, I have actually noticed some results. my overall redness and the hyperpigmentation that was just AWFUL seem to be reducing daily. I am going to continue with this until my appointment next tuesday to see if i can't just cure this myself without
  2. Its 7am, and i'm almost ready to go get my blood drawn for the preliminary tests before i start accutane. Only 1 week left til i can start!! I'm pretty excited to know i'm actually doing something that is guaranteed to finally get rid of these spots on my face. Last night I was tossing and turning about 1am just thinking about what i'm going to look like once my skin is all healed. I really can't wait to be myself again. I definately won't take good skin for granted after this... I'll post
  3. I can't say i've ever had a name called to me... its usually "what the hell happened to your face?" its almost as bad.
  4. thanks for the reply but i have definately tried proactive/tanning/swimming before and they only made things worse. accutane is my last resort. i was really against it too for a while, but there have been such good results with it that i'm willing to try it. its kind of a guarantee.
  5. awesome! i'm putting it on my list of stuff to get at CVS tomorrow. any other helpful products you know of would be greatly appreciated too! Thanks!!
  6. haha awesome. where can i pick up aquaphor? is it just like a glossy chapstick?
  7. hahah, i'm sorry. I feel like i wrote that post. My mom does the same thing, and people used to tell me the same things as you. Its funny because i've stopped seeing my friends as well. I can really say "I know how you feel" and actually mean it. Hang in there girl, the accutane will help you soon! I start in about a week, and can't wait. If you need some support or just need to vent, drop a line. Lily.
  8. My Acne Background I've had perfect skin for the past 17 years. yes, i said perfect. zits did not exsist on my face. life was rainbows and fuzzy bunnies. The time that my senior year of high school rolled around I started noticing some unwanted friends showing up on my cheeks of all places. usually the T zone is where i'd get ONE right before my period and would vanish the next day. So, I think alright, i'll let it go cuz i know this bitch isn't stickin aournd. Unfortunately, the breakout
  9. hey. If you're thinking of buying that 3days to clear skin book... DONT. the 3 day apple fast explained in it is bullshit. i did it and wasted my money. its DEFINATELY NOT WORTH IT. If you're skinny and don't sleep well you should probably be looking at chaning your diet for the better, not actually starving yourself for half a week. Are you doing this to try to clear your skin or just detox? lily
  10. hey guys, i've got the same problem. I'm about to start accutane but youcan hardly notice the zits because i've got so much hyperpigmentation. What i've noticed helps is aloe vera for newer spots. older ones i've heard mederma works, but its pretty pricey. i'll look up some more home remedies and get back to you tonight. hope this helps a little!! Lily.
  11. neither of my parents had more than a couple zits. i'd be risking it even calling it "acne." somehow i got stuck with the shitty recessive gene that causes me to have it... bummer. maybe it isn't all genetics??
  12. Hey guys, I'm about to start accutane. I've got until the 15th to really commit to the decision of doing it, but at this point i'm pretty despirate to get rid of my acne. Recently my skin has started to calm down, but i'm left with a LOT of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. it looks lik i'm blushing constantly. will going on accutane help this? If anyone has any remedies to get rid of the hyperpigmentation thats safe to use with accutane that would be great. also your experience with accuta
  13. Hey all, This one's for those who have a sensitivity to gluten, or know some more about it than i do. I am really starting to think i've got a gluten sensitivity. My dad has a slight sensitivity to it, so maybe its genetic. Lately whenever I eat bread products, about 20 minutes later my face starts itching like all hell. Last night i was munching on some pizza (cheese free! ...yum...) and without fail, my face starts uncontrollably itching! its not dry, no matter how much i moisturize tha
  14. Hey. I found the most AMAZING lotion. go to melaleuca.com, its an all natural company. i put lotion on my entire body about 10 hours ago... and it still feels like i just applied it. its wonderful!! give it a try. Lily.
  15. Hey girl, Ok first of all, there are better ways of testing your mans love that does not involve toying with his emotions and breaking up with the poor kid. Just ASK HIM! relationships should be based on communication and trust. If he tells you he loves you and acts like he loves you, there is a pretty good chance he isn't just messing with you! But secondly and more importantly any guy that tells you no one will love you because of your skin is obviously no one you should be dating. any