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  1. I love GP's, I've got two of them but they have mange mites so I've got to bath them at the weekend.
  2. Try to sleep on your back. If you have your face into your pillow it can crease the skin and prevent fluid drainage and oxygen getting to delicate skin under the eyes. Sooth with cucumber & eyebright gel and use a cool eye mask. Always thoroughly remove eye makeup before bedtime and be very careful not to use a heavy moisturiser as they won't absorb properly, use a special moisturiser designed for the under-eye area. Don't go for antiwrinkle creams as they plump up the skin - ultimately stre
  3. Since my spots have cleared up on medication, I feel like a lost lamb, I have got loads of time on my hands and feel lost without having spots to bother in the mirror. I wonder how many hours in the last 15 years I've spent bothering spots... I've worked out if I spent an hour every day spot picking, 365 days a year x 15 years equal 5475 hous = 228 days !!! That is unbelievable. Now I will have to find something more productive to do with my time. I am not complaining though!!! GP
  4. I know what you mean about that bloody clean and clear advert. My boyfriend is getting fed up with me shouting at the TV 'That girl's never had a spot in her whole life!!!'
  5. Don't bump into my sister, I've seen her pop other peoples' spots!
  6. Crash helmets that is! I recommend purchasing a helmet sanitiser to kill nasty bacteria lurking on the helmet lining. Also wash bandanas and balaclavas regularly. G.P.
  7. His surgery was 'Up North' anyway, they don't let us Southern Fairies in.
  8. I heard that Andy Eldridge from the Sisters of Mercy ate lemons everyday which is how he got his voice to be so low.
  9. These people are so annoying!!! I find if I mention spots, these clear-skinned beauties, rather than lend a sympathetic ear or even some skin care advice, they feel the need to complain how they sometimes get spots and how terrible and embarrassed they feel. I am sure its because they feel left out of the conversation without the focus being on them so they have to pretend. What they've got in beauty, they lack in thought and sensitivity to others. GP
  10. About £15-£20. I don't bother with foundation over the top or anything
  11. Good for you, you are doing the right thing. It is hard to start with because everyone can see how bad your spots are but in the long run stick with it as you will see the benefit. I just put a note up about Touch Éclat, I found it far superior to using a concealer as it doesn't seem to lay on the top (which can look a bit dodgy), it is like invisible but for some reason it really lessons red marks and scars. I don't bother with face make up now as I gave up over Xmas. Take care + good l
  12. Hi, I obtained some of this recently and I am never looking back. It is a pen like thing with a small brush for accurate application. The formula is light, non clogging and doesn't look patchy or anything, you can't see it when it is on, yet for some reason it makes scars and dark patches under the eyes look invisible like some kind of miricle. Only drawback is cost but it is worth every penny. Cheery-bye Guinea Pig
  13. Good for your Carebear!!! I admire your courage. Make-up is nice when it is used to enhance your features but when it goes on with a trowel it looks un-natural. Also it is spot-food. Toodle-Pip G.P.
  14. A true Cynic you are! Valid point though. But I still maintain the vast majority of people are too tied up in how they look that they wouldn't pay much attention to somebody else's problems. Although I think if you had a big pimple on your nose that it would be hard to focus anywhere else really. Noggin, be careful not to push your boyfriend away, grouchiness and depression may put him off more than the spots! I say this when I do the exact same thing myself and can't break the habit. Take