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  1. When u have acne i dont recommend shaving a lot, shaving cuts the acne off meaning you have a bigger risk of ending up with scars. When I have outbreaks I usually don't shave, and when it's really time to shave I do it very gentle and controlled so i dont shave over the acne areas.
  2. lol. 1. smoking is bad either way. 2. sex does not effect acne nor accutane... so sex ahead, i recommend atleast twice a day. 3. you're a fool for trying cocaine, regardless if you're addicted or not.
  3. apprenant how long have you been off accutane..?
  4. my friend.... pro-activ is just your first resort...don't think pro-activ is your last resort! I've tried pro-activ in the beginning (like many others) and I can tell you it's pure commercial crap. Lets see those before/after pro-activ pics. if you don't notice a lot of difference, drop it, and move on to better stuff.
  5. yeah, twice, on my earlobe.. not a breakout though, just a single big pimple. -- Seems to take a little longer for it to go away than acne on the face.
  6. yessir! -agreed with all of the above- err, honestly, if you're depressed lets say 3 years after Accutane, i can tell you its NOT the Accutane causing the depression. It's having failed getting rid of acne that causes the depression. And i speak from experience.
  7. lol... it was posted Sep 9 2007... i doubt it's still for sale. :)
  8. A.G: Tane IS the most powerful drug for acne. and Yes it'll work, and no you wont have clear skin in a month from now... allow it 3 months to really start clearing up. the last thing you should do is give up any time soon, just keep hanging in there for atleast 3 months. Don't let yourself down when school starts in 2 months and it's not completely clear yet.. you're on the way the clear skin, just give it time. Do NOT pin yourself on those 2 months.
  9. that's like saying.. "i wanna improve my chest, but im gonna do some pushups at home before i try hitting the gym." talk with your doc about Accutane.. once you're done you'll thank me... (saves you a shitload of time and headaches..) on the other hand, if you really don't want to, im glad this is sorta working for you oh and also, im assuming you have a lot of acne.. - if you don't , then indeed Accutane is not needed... (havent seen pics.)
  10. Accutane works like no other.. sure it'll dry out your lips/eyes but hey it's worth it. .. it CAN also have effect on your liver, but that doesn't happen for most people.. just make sure you have your blood tested every month, and drink a crapload of water. Some people say it also causes depression, but i don't believe this, because ACNE causes depression.. Accutane basically gets rid of ANY acne, including the extreme cases. After about 3-4 months you'll be completely acne free...and for most
  11. why this huge regimen and not just take Accutane instead for a while and be completely done with it...?
  12. i see that its formulated with Tea Oil & Willow Bark Extract, HM! anyway, yeah most of the people throw in like 5 things to get rid of it, but in reality only 2 of those are the working products, so just try to narrow it down, eventually itll save you a lot of money too. try to take a progress snapshot or something now, and compare it with one taken in 2 weeks from now.. then u can really see if it worked..