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  1. After about 20 days of using Carley's treatment, skin started to breakout worse than before. I guess that's how long it takes for my skin to cycle through it's treatment. I was SUPER disappointed. I wanted this to work so bad. But, it even made me have cystic type acne on my BACK! Which never happens. I tried the system for a full 5 weeks just to be sure it wasn't a temporary thing. Couldn't stand it any longer!! I actually ended up at a derm to get cortisone injections, it was so bad. Shoul
  2. I used the Acnevir spot treatment for about a week with great results. My cystic acne shrunk by half overnight. It did bring some acne to a head, but then it was easy to get rid of after that. I started using the face wash about 8 days ago and it's been great!! My skin is clearing up. Again, some acne is coming to a head, but it's coming OUT, which is awesome. The face wash has B5 in it, which I think is awesome and a huge help, and I want to start taking orally also! It does make my skin a
  3. I read your blog about Carley's Clear and Smooth treatment, and was wondering if you're still having success with the regimen?

  4. Week 2! Again, I kept track of progress on my Blackberry so ignore typos, etc. Saturday 2/20 (Day 8) - red marks are starting to heal with new skin. Only they seem to get too dry and flake off, only to start the process all over again. Need to drink more water/add more moisture I think! But, only a few (3) small red marks remain. Hubs said he was sneakily using my stuff. He has noticed a difference in me and him. Shower is still broken so I cant use products in shower which is annoying!!! It
  5. I have been keeping track of my experience with Carley's Clear and Smooth system over the past week. I have been using my Blackberry notes to write things down here and there, so please ignore the incomplete sentences, spelling and/or grammar!! Saturday 2/13 (Day 1) - Package arrived in about 2 days! Woo hoo! Used products on Saturday night for the first time in the shower. Love, love, love how it felt on my skin. Soap made face squeaky clean, literally. Skin was instantly smooth and les
  6. Ok. Well. I used Dans regimene for about a year and a half but it didnt get me all the way clear. By some miracle I was about 95 percent clear for my wedding in September (I hired a great makeup artist, too). But I was still embarassed to go swimming. And thats what really made me want to try something else. I should be able to have fun at my wedding!!! It was great but I feel like I held back a bit too much. After the wedding I switched to using just Neutrogena's "Clear Pore Mask/Cleanser"
  7. I've been mixing lemon juice with egg whites and it has been working great. I do use REAL lemon juice though. I found that putting straight up lemon juice on my skin actually made it a bit MORE red. Dilution is key.
  8. What they said. Facials can be great. Relaxing and what not. But after I shelled out about $100 on my last facial only to break out MORE, I decided to stop doing them (and this was at a great place that used dermologica products). My skin was doing great, but like you, I had red marks (hyperpigmentation) and wanted to see if I could do anything about it. Low and behold - my facial caused CYSTIC acne! I even had to go to the derm to get them injected with cortisone. NOT FUN. So, that being said,
  9. I used to be ALL about MAC, until I had several people (makeup artists and estheticians) tell me it was horrible for your skin. I believed them and switched to mineral makeup. Did the Bare Minerals thing for a while then switched to Everyday Minerals and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I still use MAC eyeliner, blush (on occasion, I do like mineral kind better), lipsticks/gloss and eyeshadows, but their face stuff is no bueno. At least in my opinion.
  10. Tinting your brows really is worth every penny. You can throw out those gross eyebrow pencils for good! Plus, it really makes your eyes pop! Though, my eyebrows seemed SUPER dark the first day and I was freaking out thinking I made a huge mistake. But after the second day they looked normal. I think it was more of the dye on my skin under the hair than the actual hair that was dark. I'm getting my lashes tinted next. Can't wait. The less time I have to spend putting on makeup the better.
  11. I use jojoba oil for my lips! It works great. I also exfoliate with my toothbrush very gently on occasion. I also use vaseline. I made my own lipgloss using it. Put it in a little container, mix it with some loose blush (i have a bunch of mineral blush), microwave for like 20 seconds, mix again, let cool and voila!! - lip color that won't dry out your lips (plus, it matches your blush perfectly)!
  12. Most spas/salons will tint your brows for around $15. I did it when I took my hair darker. It takes about 5 minutes and lasts weeks! Try it!
  13. Oh and to answer your question - someone already mentioned something about the bismuth oxychloride. That stuff is the worst. I've noticed a big difference in my skin since switching to a makeup without it. Bare Minerals works wonders for some people - but for people like us, who have skin issues and perhaps sensitive skin it may make matters worse. I know a girl who got cystic acne due to it! Not cool! Try Everyday Minerals. It's all natural/organic/vegan and way cheaper too.
  14. I'm a makeup junkie. I've tried all the mineral kinds, all the liquids kinds - cheap to very expensive. Everyday Minerals is the best. I've gotten 3 other people hooked on it. It takes a little getting used to. It doesn't stick like the Bare Minerals does. But, it looks so natural. People can never tell that I'm wearing makeup (and I use a bunch to cover up red marks). Order your samples IMMEDIATELY! (Make sure you have good brushes though - they sell them on their website...this is super