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  1. Hey, so i had to acne cysts randomly for the first time in years appear on my cheeks, i was prescribed erythromycin, and its all gone...my skin was really clear for about a week, and the colour tone even etc... but over the last few days, ive noticed some hyperpigmentation on cheeks in the areas i had the acne, and its getting darker....but the scary part is, the pigmentation seems more black rather than brown.... im a VERY fair asian.... so i dont get how pigmentation can arrive so delayed i
  2. thanks for the advice, can you reccomend any product which i can find in the UK? and also, can anyone help me in regards to adding meladerm to the regime?
  3. Hey, well im on the regimen, These are my steps: )1) wash my face with clearasil ultra wash deep pores... 2)let face dry 3) apply panoxyl aqua gel (2.5%), allow it to dry 4), Apply eucerin replenishing face cream firstly is that regimen fine, and can anyone correct any of my faults in it... secondly, ive bought some meladerm for my pigmentation marks, however i have no idea how to fit it into my regimen, and when to apply it (should be twice a day) because of the regimen... so can anyone a
  4. whereabouts are you from? Here in the uk almost every supermarket has it, tescos, sainsburys or morrisons any of them
  5. Hi, ive been told by so many people, that Meladerm is the product to use for acne hyperpigmentation/red marks or marks from acne at all.... i cant seem to be having any luck finding it in the uk, found one company which sells it a harsh £37.00 which is appx $80.00 do any of the uk members know where i could find it or get it here in uk for a more reasonable price? or if you can reccomend other products which will offer the same solution? ive tried bio oil with no luck
  6. extremely damn hard, getting referred to a nhs dermatologist is awful! and apparently waiting lists going on for MONTHS upon months... theres a company called SK N http://www.sknclinics.co.uk/_i/landing/hj1...0/0/0/29/10029/ got branches all across the uk and i booked an appointment today, they took a £25.00 deposit of me which goes against booking times, and they said that if i decide to get a treatment it will go towards that, if not, then with no obligation i will get refunded the total am
  7. thanks everyone, a bit of confusion on eucerin website it says: Dry Skin Replenishing Face Cream with 5% Urea is for face but doesnt some to have a dry skin relief face cream? do you know which one i should be going for? update: just done an online check, and apparently replenishing is the relief cream? if that makes sense
  8. leet: thanks for the advice, oh yeah, i have hyperpigmentation marks which have been left from the times i did used to have major acne, ive just left those to naturally disappear using the bodies own recovery system....why do they make any differences? P..J.W: thanks for the advice, i will do a search for that, and woah green tea? does it actually really work!?!?!?!?! and any particular brand lol?
  9. Hey last year i bought some Benzoyl Peroxide cream (from the UK)... went to a Boots store, and the Lady showed me Panoxyl Acne Gel (10%), i was a bit woahed, at 10% BP, however, however the pharmacist kept assuring me it works the same as the others, so i tried it, and i can say wow it has really worked wonders, not a single pimple or spot that comes to a head nearly since September 2007, and now i just have the troubles of small tiny whiteheads which is minor.... However, now my face feels stu
  10. thanks for the advice^ it seems to be some sort of clot though (even though it may just be a scab forming?), or am i just over panicking? because ive actually suprisingly never picked at a spot (or VERY rarely ever), so ive never experienced this type of thing before =S and my nails are quite long so im wondering if thats added to the damage?
  11. Hi, this is the first time this has happened to me, my acne has been reaaaaally clear over the last months since using the regimen (not had a single spot which comes to a head since august last year)... unfortunately due to the stress of exams, yesterdat i thought i noticed some spot forming, which didnt have a head....so being the hero that i shouldnt have been....i squeezed! Nothing came out but blood, eventually after trying again an hour later, a TINY (literally tiny) white hard thing came