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  1. i just finished my last pill and have no active pimples. i'm very happy with my 6-month course results. my derm prescribed me retin-a 0.05% cream for night time. in the morning i'm supposed to mix BP 5% gel with clindamycin PH 1% solution. anyone ever used those meds? i've been reading retin-a reviews on this site and a lot of people complain about an initial break out. i'm really really really afraid of that. don't know if i can take it. would love to know what u guys did post-tane and if anyon
  2. emu oil got very good reviews on this site but i'm wondering is it's ok to use while on accutane? some reviews mentioned skin breaking out. i'm on month 5 and haven't had a new pimple in almost a month so trying to be cautious.
  3. i wash with cerave hydrating cleanser and use cetaphil cream (in the big tub) right after i wash my face. i make sure my face is still damp when i put on the cream. that seems to keep me pretty moisturized through out the day. i'm on month 5 and theres no flakiness. and for my body i put on johnson's baby oil right after showering while my skin is still damp. hope that helps.
  4. i've been using Cerave hydrating cleanser to wash my face once a day and i like it a lot. i also use cetaphil cream right after i wash my face...while it's still a bit damp and that usually keeps my skin pretty moisturized through out the day. i'm starting month 5 tomorrow and i'm on 40mg and my skin doesn't seem dry or flake. hope that helps.
  5. i'm on a 6-month course at 40mg. i weight 110 lbs and finishing up month 4. haven't had any new pimples in couple of weeks and hoping it will stay that way.
  6. anyone having hair issues? my hair was shedding long before i started accutane and at the moment (day 114) it's actually not as bad as i had imagined it would be. however, it still falls out and thinning on top. anyone have any suggestions on what i can do? also, has anyone ever used the brand Beauty Without Cruelty shampoo and conditioners? drugstore.com has good reviews for the rosemary mint tea tree ones. just wondering if anyone here has used them. thanks.
  7. im on day 112 and i have a whole bunch of dark red, bloody pimples on my cheeks from a few weeks back. the color seems to get darker by the day. it's like the cyst is full of blood and just waiting to be popped. that's basically how most of my cystic ones looked while i've been on accutane. just wondering if this has happened to anyone? it's depressing since i really thought i'd be seeing improvements by the 4th month.
  8. i use cerave hydrating cleanser and i like it a lot. it's really gentle. it doesn't lather, which was strange at first but my face feels really clean and not dry at all after i wash.
  9. my scalp also flakes. i wash my hair 2-3 times a week with Mill Creek biotin shampoo (supposed to strengthen hair i think) and the same brand jojoba conditioner. trying to do the all natural hair care and so far i like it a lot. i also massage in pure jojoba oil about 30min before i wash and that seems to help with the flaking. i really like the jojoba conditioner. it keeps my normally frizzy hair pretty tamed. i'm on day 60 of tane and hopefully my hair wont get too dry as my course continues.
  10. Spot on, the only real thing you can do is keep your dose of accutane low. i'm on 40mg and so far my side effects are manageable. my derm wants to up my dose to 50mg next month but i'm really afraid my hair will start to shed more and more. should i stay at 40 or move up?
  11. i have the same hair shedding issues. im used to blow drying my hair pretty much everyday but i've stopped that since i started tane. i'm taking biotin and b-complex pills. not sure if it's helping or not. i'm also using Mill Creek biotin shampoo and jojoba conditioner. trying to do the all-natural hair care and i love it. my hair isn't as frizzy and just a bit wavy, which i don't mind. i also massage in pure 100% jojoba oil on my scalp and leave on for about 30min before i wash my hair. i highl
  12. do u know if diane-35 is available in the US?
  13. just wondering if the lips and face dryness and the black/white heads get worse and worse as each month passes or does it reach a peak and stay like that? also, if my dose is increased from 40mg to 50mg, will i break out like crazy? i've been getting 1 or 2 new ones each day since my 3rd week (currently on 5th week).
  14. same here...would love to more about the peels. i'm on my 2nd month of tane and i have lots of old scars. already wondering what i can do about them after i finish tane. thanks!
  15. anyone ever used biore or any other brand of pore strips for the nose? i'm about 1 month into my course and my nose is not a pretty sight. wondering if it's ok to use pore strips.