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  1. I will be taking 20mg/day throughout the entire course for 6 months. Actually this dosage was recommended to me by my derm, since he said it is just as effective, but without the side effects. That is true for me, since I've been seeing improvements, but I think others might need a higher dosage depending on the severity of their acne. I'm actually going to talk to my derm about a maintenance dosage (20mg/week perhaps) after my course is over. We'll see how that goes. I'm from Singapore,
  2. I'm on 20mg/day as well. Currently on week 4 and I'm experiencing some improvements. My face is really flaky even though I'm using Cetaphil moisturizer and I have to constantly apply lip balm throughout the day. All the best on your accutane journey!
  3. I'm onto Day 2! Still having a few whiteheads here and there, but hopefully they'll go away soon. I'm currently taking multivitamins twice a day, along with my usual cleanser/moisturizer/treatment routine. One thing I've been doing recently is cleansing with Cetaphil after I exercise. Stay motivated guys!
  4. yeah i totally know how u feel. it seems that most of my friends have perfect skin. but i feel that if i have acne and i can still hold my chin up and get on with life, then i'm stronger than them in a way.
  5. my derm gave me a chemical peel 2 months ago for my red marks. they arent as noticeable now, but they hadnt completely disappeared either. i wouldnt try it again unless i can stay at home for at least 2 weeks, that was how long it took for me to recover from my last peel.
  6. im currently just washing my face with tap water, i've given up on those blackheads on my nose, they just keep coming back anyway. i've done a chemical peel 2 months before tho, but it didnt completely remove my red marks tho. i just hope time will do its thing.
  7. well, i've seen many posts describing the beneficial effects of exfoliating ur skin. the thing is, whenever i come back from my run and after showering, i would see lotsa dead skin piled up on my face (yeah its pretty disgusting). usually, i'll just use tissues (i need several pieces) to wipe off the dead skin. my face looks pretty raw after that, but since i always run at night, i'll just sleep it off and my face will heal by the morning. just thought i'll share this as an additional benefit fr
  8. dude i feel for u, i got the same exact problem. im wondering if theres any cheaper method of smoothing out my nose.
  9. hey i've just finished my peel a week ago, my downtime was about 4 days. the 1st 2 days were pretty awful, my face was all red and broke out in whiteheads, which went away a day after. i would say theres been some improvement to my red marks, but the derm told me that i need to wait 6 weeks b4 i can fully see results. he also told me to try to avoid sun exposure, especially for the 1st week and he gave me a skin lightening product to apply too. hope i'll get clear soon
  10. hey hey im from sg too~ been having acne since my teens (im in my twenties now), but only limited to my nose. then after my NS started to break out all over my face >.< anyways, BP doesnt seem to work for me, juz made my skin very flaky, so i went to a derm and he recommended 10g/day accutane. im nearing the end of 3 months of treatment, and so far its been ok, only left some red marks here and there. my derm told me to come back 2 weeks after for a chemical peel, so yeah, i'll see how it