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  1. OOOOOOooooohhhh!!! DUH!! Thanks! :-P I see it now.
  2. Hi guys, time for me to reorder BP. Been using it since Dan began the regimen. I can't buy JUST the BP separately now?? I've never liked the cleanser or moisturizer, but the BP is amazing.
  3. In one of Dan's videos he recommended using hot water; I tried it, and it worked better than warm or cold, without irritating my skin or making it red/dry. I don't really know how to justify it, but I just know it works for my type of skin. maybe you can try making the water a little bit hotter every day, and see how your skin reacts.
  4. Hi guys, I never visit the forum anymore, because my acne is very much under control thanks to Dan's regimen. Thanks Dan! I am here to give a little advice on what works best for me. I've been on the regimen for a very long time (7 years?), and in the past year I have really progressed in improving my skin even further. I've had severe cystic acne for a long time, but Dan's regimen keeps my skin almost perfectly clear. Here is a detailed description of what I do, and I believe every one of the
  5. For the last few years I've been experimenting with diets, and I've determined that even when I eat a very clean organic, raw food, no grain, no dairy, no allergen diet, I still get acne. For me it seems that calories in food = acne. When I don't eat anything for a day, I don't get acne. When I eat enough food to satisfy me I get acne. This is with vitamins and perfect proportions of Omega 3/6/9 and everything. I usually get new breakouts within an hour or two after eating a high-calorie meal,
  6. hows things going? clear??

  7. Hi, I bought Dan's cleanser about a year ago, when it was brand new, and came in a blue bottle. It didn't work well with New York City's water, and didn't wash off completely, leaving a "film" on my skin. Has the formula been changed recently to improve this? New bottle style = new formula? I'll be giving Dan's moisturizer a shot. Neutrogena moisturizers make my skin very oily and shiny, so I have to absorb my face with a napkin every hour or so. Does this moisturizer do this? Thank you
  8. hey, hope you're doing ok :)

  9. So maybe a drastic dietary change causes it? It can't be stress alone though, there's stress all over the world in all kinds of situations. Here's what I think this girl's acne is not caused by: water: I've been in many countries with different types of water, but with a Western diet, and acne didn't decrease. lack of sleep: she sleeps normally and wakes up rested. stress: in her country, she's in a very demanding university, constantly stressed out. dairy: in her country she drinks milk
  10. A month ago a friend of mine came from a former USSR country with perfect skin. For the past month of living in the USA, she had little money, so she ate cheap food: burgers, fries, potato chips. About a week into her visit, her face was covered with little zits. Now after a month, her face is covered with inflamed cysts. She says she eats the exact same foods in her country, and has never had acne before. Is it the corn syrup? Is it the pesticides? Maybe the yeasts in the US are harder fo
  11. well, I get acne all over my face, so I guess my whole body is fucked up... seriously though, I've been eating really healthy for the past few days and taking a liver detox supplement, and everything is fine. It's not just avocado that causes me problems, it's any kind of fat. And any kind of carb. I've been eating smaller meals, more times per day, and it seems to be helping greatly. I significantly reduced the amount of BP I use, and there are no negative changes on my skin so far. Normally, m
  12. I have strong reasons to suspect that my acne is caused by a weak liver. My doctor thinks so also, but I have a specific list of reasons why I think so: About 6 years ago, I had really really severe acne. Thinking back to what my diet used to be back then, it was all fat and carbs. Lots of fat, and lots of carbs. 1. One day I had a breakfast with 3 eggs, a few fatty sausages, bread with melted cheese. This has been my breakfast for about a month before that also. This was just a little too m
  13. when my diet is good, my skin is good, but this time of year, people at work are all bringing cakes and cookies and stuff, and it would be not polite if I refused to try them. How do I refuse sugary food without appearing impolite?
  14. the question is, WHY does it break people out? It breaks me out too, but I'm frustrated, because no one can explain anything.
  15. chickens are often fed pallets of protein, manufactured from meat of other animals, in order to enhance their growth. Just try to buy organic, and don't go to resaraunts.