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  1. It's sunny out and I'm using SA, so I need a sunscreen. I found a bottle of Neutrogena Dry-Touch SPF 45 in my sis's bag. Is that any good? I read on the reviews page, and the SPF 45 had remarkably lower ratings than the SPF 30 version. Is there any difference between the Neutrogena SPF's (30,45,55,70,85)? I bought the Cetaphil sunscreen about a year ago,but it's soooo greasy. hahaha oh well. Any other suggestions for oil-free sunscreens available locally?
  2. On the http://www.acne.org/findingsupplies.php you say the basis bar is not fragrance free. I belive it actually has no added fragrance. Otherwise, good work on the branching of your business, man. It looks like this site is really coming along nicely.
  3. Wash with a good soap ($5.00 Walmart Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Brand Should Do) Hydrogen Peroxide (This probably isn't the best for you skin, but dirt cheap + fantastic results) Calamine Lotion (spread over face at night to control oil) Moisturizer ($5.00 Walmart Cetaphil Lotion Brand Should Do) That's pretty cheap man, don't know what else to tell you. It won't be as effective as the DKR but I've done it for a while before and stayed pretty clear. Hot towel trick works well too and is free. Th
  4. I am wanting to try it, but I'm not the kind of guy that will toss $20. So I want to know if it's right for me, and because I didn't see anywhere where I saw people post there skin types and there success with Dan's SA. Just to give you an idea of my skin: Light-Moderate acne. It is normal-oily in the T-zone and dry-normal in the cheeks. I have lots of blackheads on the nose and a few "bumps" (not inflamed pimples) on my forehead. My chin and cheeks get the inflamed acne, but not too bad. Some
  5. [EDIT] nvm, I just realized this was a admin only kinda deal. sry! *DING* You are now free to remove this message.
  6. Moisturizers are a necessity. They even out your complexion and prevent dead skin from forming (you may not see it at first, but it will come, and with a vengeance). There are different levels of moisturizers available too. If you have oily skin, Clinique sells an oil controlling moisturizer (sounds contradicting but it's not). It keeps your skin healthy, but is a gel, so it sinks in like Dan's BP. Or there is medium to intensive moisturizers available. CeraVe is my favorite brand. I use the lot
  7. Naw, I'm using the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Wash which I am finding to be not so gentle (Sodium Laurel-sumthin') Sounds interesting. Where do you find Vtopical Vitamin E? CeraVe Moisturizing lotion. It's the best that I've tried. Is jojoba oil sold in retail stores, do you know? Sounds very interesting. Do you recommend any specific cleanser with trea oil? After, thinking really hard I believe it is a combination of both cleanser and bp that is dying me up. I have been
  8. Soak a cotton swap in hydrogen peroxide and hold on red marks for like 3 minutes or spread over face. Don't do this daily for the rest of your life though, as it is very unhealthy to your skin. But it fades the marks, and quickly too.
  9. I use the regimen and usually have luck. I don't know if it's the weather now or something, but my face and neck is a freakin shag carpet right now, unless I apply moisturizer on the hour. I swear, if I put my chin in a bowl of water through out the day, my skin would soak up all the water and be flakey by night. grrrr any way, it is not the bp thats drying, thank goodness. I didn't use it for one day and my face flaked even worse. so it has to be the cleanser. i'm using cetaphil gentle cleanse
  10. Yep, they do. But they remove all the little blackheads and that's it. You're left with large empty holes on your nose. If you don't have sensitive skin, sa will shrink those pores.
  11. Not to say Dan is trying to be cheap, he is not, he has a successful business with his site, so more power to him. However, hear me out. Doesn't it seem strange that the recommended "On-the-Spot" treatment is way less than the recommended portions on his own product? Naw, man. The more of his Benzoyl Peroxide you use the faster you go through it, and if anyone else is having as much success with Dan's Regimine as I am, going through $15 bottles quickly is not a problem. Use as much as you think
  12. Well, to follow up, I went to Walgreens today to get that CeraVe Cleanser and unfortunately they didn't carry it. So I went ahead and got the Cetaphil Antibacterial bar and gave it a try. To tell you the truth, I think it's great! Washing my whole body with one bar is a great convenience and it works well and it is not to drying at all! It does contain Tallow as mentioned but it's not too harsh at all. Face got a little dry (not nearly as bad as Purpose's effects though) but nothing a little bit
  13. Ok, well, I guess Cetaphil is out of the question? I have the CeraVe moisturizer but wasn't to crazy about it, but it sounds like their wash is the way to go. Thanks guys! Also, I'd love to try Dan's but it just seems like a hassle to wait for soap in the mail. I do use the Benzoyl Peroxide of his and love it.
  14. So I never knew I had dry skin until I started the regimen. After buying a bottle of purpose, my face feels tight and dry, even when I don't use any bp. So I was looking around at some alternatives and stumbled on Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar. Would this be more harsh than Purpose? If so, any better alternatives? PS: I don't really have that oily of skin, just acne.