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  1. So can fish oil raise your triglycerides? Anyone know?? thanks
  2. Week 4...just got my blood back for a refill of the prescription...sadly my Triglycerides were 229 and my Cholesterol is 200. Not terrible, but not as low as I would have liked. Refill prescribed. I think my Cholesterol was like 170 before. I didn't fast for the blood test so that could be part of it. Right? And my derm also said the fish oil supplements could be increasing my numbers. Is that possible? My skin is pretty great right now. I had a couple of zits, a couple foliculitis bump
  3. I'm a guy and on week 3 of it. Guys can use it - not just females. All the literature is freaky woman heavy because of the birth defect issues. Overboard in my opinion. It might as well be on the pill too...a little picture penis with a red circle and cross through it. LOL It's actually supposed to be more effective for guys with moderate acne than woman due to hormones and stuff. But I don't know that to be a fact.
  4. Finished week 2 - into week 3 today. 40mg 2x/day (80mg total). I'm 5'10", 160lbs, 43yo, male, light to moderate persistent acne on face combined with folliculitis on chest, neck and scalp. Tried all meds before Accutane - derm said would help with itchy folliculitis and definitely the acne. Week 2 was not bad - though lips now severely more dry than last week. My forehead looked like it was breaking out all over in tiny bumps for about 3-4 days and I thought this was going to be the dreaded
  5. I'm on week one of Accutane and no bad reactions at all yet. My skin has already started to clear up amazingly. I was nearly scared off by all the bad reviews, but went for it. Hopefully it will continue to be the miracle I was hoping for. If you can try it, I would say go for it. My insurance pays for it and it's only $15 for the generic - Sotret.
  6. So I started July 1 taking Accutane 40mg/2xday. I was so scared to try it after reading most of your posts. But I was at the frustration point and decided with my derm to give it a shot. I have mild to moderate acne with anywhere from 5-10 papules at any given time. Mostly on the forehead and temples, occasionally cheeks and folliculitis bumps/nodules on the back of my head just at the base of the hairline as well as on my neck and chest. All previous stuff didn't work, but lessened duratio
  7. I'm starting today (July 1). Lord help us all! Scared and excited at the same time. I too have mild to moderate acne. And of course, I'm starting tomorrow and my skin is almost clear at the moment. But I know there's more zits coming.... I'm blogging it. Check my profile for link. Good luck!!!!
  8. I'm starting tomorrow as well!! I'm blogging it if anyone's interested. The link to my blog is in my profile. I think it cuts it out of posts here
  9. I'm a male with mild to occasionally moderate acne and folliculitis on face, neck and chest. Having tried every Rx drug, wash and cream, my derm and I decided to try Accutane. I'm going to be blogging it day by day starting July 1. Hteeteepeecolonslashslash theaccutanediary.blogspot.com/ And leave me comments so I know you've been there. My fear is no one will ever read it! I hope I make it through this. Any words of encouragement appreciated!!!! thanks Accu-Guy