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  1. AHA works really great! I know! It is tempting to over use it, but Dan actually only recommends it twice a week, and even then you should avoid a lot of sun, or wear sunscreen. I only use the AHA once a week, twice some weeks! I would go a week without the AHA, instead use moisturizer after the regimen. Try it, sometimes your skin just needs to get a break from it and heal up a little... Hope this helps! Grace & Peace!
  2. I would recommend just doing the system once at night for awhile and see how your face responds. I've been using dan's system for about 5 months and once i stopped doing it twice a day my face looks/feels a LOT better. I still get the occassional pimple now and again but they are much smaller and heal much faster. Just use a lot of bp and a lot of moisturizer.
  3. same thang happened 2 me. Doc says e'rythang will be alright, but I'm thinkin' i might have to start all over again. Or that it would atleast b better if i did. Altho my face is still lookin' alright, its only been a month off tane but i only took it for 2 months. I just been washing my face every night with bp and using tha retina. i use a ton!
  4. Nah, but homey u only weigh 125 lbs. They prolly jus startin' u off slowly which is a good thang. Keep takin it tha way ur derm told you. Next they'll prolly put'chu on 20 mg/twice daily or 40 mg/once daily. goodluck godbleshya.
  5. rapperz are tha worst role models homey.. and THAS comin' from a hip hop head. Check out my music, listen. www.myspace.com/hustle4jesus Thas whassup. YadidatombouT?
  6. ...why tha lipitor? lipitor is for high cholesterol that would most likely make your results even higher. Curious..
  7. dang... i been takin that for like tha past 2 weeks 2 help ease tha joint/lower back pain. so am i gon have 2 start all over in a month? or do we pick back up where we left off?
  8. p.s. i already got my prescription filled and i been seriously contemplating just taking it anyways, and then a week before i go into my appoint. i'd just stop taking it and fast for a day. what'cha think of thaAT?
  9. Okay, i have 2 be taken off accutane after 2 months of have not quite good skin, but skin i can deal with yadidamean.. but now whaT? doc says i gotta stay off for a month bcuz my liver results are way 2 high. Will this mean i'ma have 2 start my regimen all over again or wha?? And what can i do 2 make my liver go back 2 normal faster? Milk Thistle? anybody try this and have it worK? PLEAAAAAAAAASE help me.. I dont wanna have 2 start over again, but i dont wanna get hepatitis either.. Any advic
  10. yo i need help y'all, has anybody else had problems with they finger nails while on accutane? I keep gettin' these ingrown finger nails, but they dont really grow in much, but they're really painful and i dont wanna take any pain meds bcuz my liver functions were already high last month.. SOmebody with some info lemme kno what i can do, it hurtz and they're not gettin any better.. Godbleshya..
  11. congratz... accutane has been good 2 yah. godbleshya
  12. I'm outside everyday and i been alright in tha sun.. my body is fine alwayz, once inawhile my nose will get a little red.. try usin' some spf 15 moisturizer tha stuff i use is in a green push bottle.. can't remember tha name of it. go 2 wal mart and you'll see it. ps im about 2 months into my treatment. Godbleshya an g'luck..
  13. thankz homey. I just get dry lips and dry face so far.... e'rythang iz gravy.
  14. i wouldnt exfoliate homey, ..i'd just go get that neutrogena moisturizing lotion. itz dope, fixed tha area's around my mouth perfectly, it was SOOO dry..
  15. p.s. i think itz werked faster bcuz i told my derm i was gettin' married in june and i started in tha end of may, so she started me out on 80 mg a day so it kinda shocked my body but it worked altho it wasn't with side effects. My face was soooo dry along wif my lips, but now im counter actin' tha effects with neutrogena moisturizer and D.C.T. chapstick its working pretty good.