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  1. when i had acne it did make me unsocial. but i know other people who have it worse than I did and they act just fine. just depends on what your like as a person i guess
  2. oh yah definately dont let it control ur life, although thats hard
  3. i dont know..... the truth? "Not right now" "im to busy". as long as you dont take it offensively, it wont be offensive...
  4. Just remember, theres no law against people with acne going to a mall opening, you could go, its not like someones going to throw you in prison for it. But I know what its like so I can understand why you wouldnt want to. im 16 and ive cleared up just usin clean and clear
  5. I dont know, id say my girlfriends are hotter now then when i had acne... but its not impossible to get a semi-decent girl when u got acne, as long as its not ungodly horrible
  6. ive seen people with hair growin there beforre.. just shave it big deal.... and just use BP onb ur face for 2 months and ull be better, i suggest 10% for two months and bam. clean and clear , bam
  7. something better will come along prolley, it always seem to :-P..... Dumbass how old are u 12?
  8. no reason to diet for acne a lot of other stuff will work if u give it time
  9. yah dude whoever that is is stupid as fuck. They probably just think the stoners they know are stupid because the smoke weed. What a stupid moron. I know some people like "zha" and I hate them all, cause they are so dense.
  10. I have been using clean and clear daily facial cleanser 10% bezoil peroxide. and it has cleared me up about 95 % but i want to stop gettin pimples 100% So i thought id add somethin else so i bought Clean and Clear Deep Action Facial cleanser, there is no main ingrediant but it has salicic acid in it. It says it removes the dirt and oil from very deep in ur pours. it is only used 1-2 times a WEEK tho. What do u think of me usin them at the same time?
  11. yup that shit works good, the clean and clear does atleast idk about the moisturisor i dont even use one and it still works fine, by my skin is SLIGHTLY dry, not to bad tho
  12. sux dowg, should be goin away soon, why dont u just go to a derm
  13. maybe in ur case, but i dont scar, i dunno y. i have like one scar from acne and i used to pop pick and squeeze really bad.
  14. Okay in reply, smokin weed will NOT hurt u, ever. Okay, if u smoke it with alcohol u get really fucked up and ur more likely to get sick but thats all. Cocaine is a horrible drug Ill admit that but... weed? come on, if youve never done it then u dont understand, its not the devil, im not stupid and ive been in to that shit for a long time. Im not a skitzo nor do i ever know of ANYONE EVER becoming a skitzo from it, so please shut the FUCK up you ignorant hick.