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  1. what i do is use sunblock cream and dab it on my red marks and go tanning. sounds weird but it made my skin look sooo even.
  2. ok well....my skin never senistive during or after accutane. my skin has alot of tolerance. i've already did 3 peels and my red marks are almost gone. i even gone tanning. i'm just happy they are gone and i'm glad i did something about them. my skin doesn't look damaged....it looks healthy and smooth. but i guess it depends on ur skin condition or it's sensitivity.
  3. lol.....i've been off of accutane for 2 months and i already did 2 peels. and i'm happy with the results. but i don't recommend this...LOL!
  4. no i've been off accutane for almost 2 months. and i do not have any active pimples anymore. i guess it depends on ur skin's tolerance if u can do peels while on or after accutane
  5. ok so i did my first peel [30% solution] on thursday and OMG....my skin looks better than before. there weren't any DRAMTIC results but i can see my red marks fading. i think after a few peels i will be almost clear of red marks. i'm soo happy with this. i'm soo glad i came to this forum and see that people actually seen results with the peel or i would of been wasting my money by going to the derm.
  6. i got some idents too. my mom's friend used to help out a derm and has some expereince and she looked at my skin with like these magnifying thing to look closer to my skin [sorry for crappy details]. and she said they are just hyperpigmentations. she said....eventually the redness will go away and smooth out in a year or 2. but i don't know about ur skin condition but that's all i know.
  7. i did my first peel yesterday. i used 30% and it burned like hell...LOL! glad the company sent me the wrong one or i would of died with 50%. anways....my skin didn't look that bad yesterday. it was just red but it eventually went away after a few hours. and today i can see some improvement on my red marks. it has faded just slightly. also i do have that scabbing thing too. they aren't notcieable because they're small.....but i have noticed scabbing on my jaw line. i'm guessing they are
  8. oh that......my accutane journal is soooo OLD. so don't mind that. i have been off accutane for like 2 months. but.....i've been bad and done facials while i was on accutane and really nothing has happened. i don't think accutane made by skin fragile or anything. it still feels the same. but thank u for responding.....
  9. do you have pale skin? i just bought a 50% solution and now i'm kind of worried that this will be too strong and make my face really red. i don't have pale skin. i have a natural tan skin. my skin does have high tolerance....it's not sensitive so i have no clue if this is the right one. eeeks!
  10. after reading this i think i'm buying the glycolic peel 50%. i'm very sick of my red marks....they just interfere with my enjoyment of life and it's time to take action. i'm planning to buy the glycolic peel from www.glymagic.com i have talked with the owner in the past and so i was thinking...why shouldn't i just buy this from her? so i will keep u guys updated and hopefully this will be the most inexpensive yet effective treatment for my redmarks.
  11. i'm going to get the glycolic peel soon. i'm not sure if i should use 30% or 50%. but it seems like the glycolic peel does wonders. i was never a believer of scarzone, baking soda, aloe vera....etc..etc.
  12. yeah i've been looking at this product for months. but i've been skeptical. i really want to try since i'm losing hope on fading my red marks....
  13. OK.........I like got drunk at least 4x a month for the 2 months I was on Accutane. I got my blood tests done and everything is perfectly fine. There was nothing wrong my liver. But everyone is different and I have a different diet from probably all the people on this board....I think. But don't start getting drunk like me because my results came out good..LOL