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  1. Good LUCK! the days are TICKING down for you! LOL I had the OLD fraxel (now called restore) Done in South Florida 4 years ago, Like you I was a Trail blazer for my time. Please ask your doctor his thoughts on that poor women on Realself. Looks to me like she had gotten some sever blistering. My 5 restore treatments yielded some modest improvement but those improvements have slowly faded over the past several years and I do NOT want to sit through a Seriies of fraxels again. I would much ra
  2. Thanks for the REPLY. I will take that as a thumbs up and since you will be getting better and better results over the next few months as the Red ness fades away I am hopefull y ou will be even more positive early 2009! I am a fraxel restore vet myself and you are right in that going on to my 4th and 5th Fraxel was getting very OLD and a pain in the ass In fact it took months for me to schedule around having 5 of these done and only to get a modest improvment with no tightning effects that one
  3. Other then the Hyper pigmentation that seems to be taking a long time to resolve in your case how would you Rate REPAIR? Would you give it a thumbs up or Down ? on the REAL SELF web site REPAIR has now passed every other Esthetic treatment and is at a stellar 86% Thumbs up rating! There are only 14 votes so far I would wait till there are about 50 before it really means anything but so far it looks like a Breakthrough! Please let us know if you would consider doing REPAIR again now that you a
  4. I am not a Fraxel Repair vet though I did have the Fraxel RESTORE done several years ago with good but modest results. check out the link below at REAL SELF with some reveiws of Fraxel Repair patients. So far the BUZZ has been Very positive and there is a stellar 85% Thumbs up rate from Repair Vets. This ranks this New procedure as one of the best Esthetic Treatments PERIOD! lets keep a close eye on this! http://www.realself.com/Fraxel-Repair/reviews
  5. OK Fraxel REPAIR vets how are you all doing so far?> Many of you have had well over 2-3 months to heal. So far most of you seem to have indicated things were going well in the first few weeks and would consider doing even another REPAIR even with the pain/downtime and expense which sounds GREAT! must be working WONDERS if you are willing to go through all that Bull shit again! Would love to see some photos to!
  6. DAMN your nose looked like a red bloody mess! Did the scab finaly dry up and flake off? I have heard reports of redness lasting a few months with Repair but most of it seems to resolve in 4-6 weeks. I would HATE to see your nose if your doctor was MORE aggresive! Good luck and be patient TIME does heal all wounds
  7. Thanks Dudley! I had the OLD RE:store done 3 years ago it took 5 treatments to get a modest 30% improvment, I was not UNHAPPY with the results but then again I would NEVER sit through a series of laser treatments again! not worth it. If you have 40% from ONE Repair treatment after 11 weeks I would say you will COAST into 50% by the end of 4/5 Months. And THAT would in my Humble opinion would be Enough BANG for the BUCK and Even with a week of downtime and 3 days of wound management thrown in
  8. OK guys we are DIGRESSING from Fraxel RE pair here! LOL Where have all the Repair patients gone??? I guess it is GOOD news that they are not on here (trust me once I find something that Improves acne scars significantly I would do one LAST post and forget I ever had them!) Please Repair ALUMNI chime in with a progress report. Your last posts seem to indicate that REPAIR is an expensive pain in the ass but worth it. Do you all still feel that way????
  9. OK Fraxel Repair "vets" any news on your progress you can share with us????
  10. YES I had to go the the SMURF room for the old blue treatment! what a pain in the ass that was having to clean that &^%$% off your red swollen face after the fraxel treatment! I understand the new restores dont require the blue dye. My highest settings were around 15 mj's full density and i understand the settings are MUCH higher these days. i want the Ablative TIGHTENING since my skin is a bit loser and I have aging bags under my eyes and can use a slight brow lift as well. You can NOT
  11. I was one of the first in Florida to have Fraxel (Now called Fraxel Restore) I had a modest improvement but would never sit though 5 treatments and give up 5 long weekends again. I agree REPAIR seems to be the best of both worlds (One treatment with dramatic improvements and limited downtime/risk Visa Vi traditional Co2) Problem is EVERy doctor in south florida has already invested in the OLD Fraxel restore! they are a victim of there own success! has anyone heard of a doctor in South Florida
  12. [ I was only coming here so that I could help others who were considering the treatment because they might want to talk to someone who had it and I did not want to just disappear I felt I should share but since I am only constantly reminded that my results will go away I will make this my last post..... Good Luck to all considering this I hope you get what you are looking for........