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  1. Day 40: My face had a couple pimples pop up the last couple days but they have both calmed down and my skin is starting to look much better according to my sister and father and it does look like its getting much better. Chest and back continue to get better, not too much to report! Just a side note that making out on accutane is so annoying lol, after a couple minutes my aquafor gets wiped off and my lips start chapping up so much! Side Effects: Dry lips Skin hasnt been dry except around mo
  2. Day 36: Skin is looking better, have a pimple on my forehead and my cheeks are looking better. My chest and back are clearing up still. Nothing much new to report, i got a ton of essays to get done! Side Effects: Dry skin Dry lips Back pain very minor
  3. Day 33: Quick update. My skin is doing quit alright! Got a pimple on my right cheek as well as a little one on my left. Chest and back still continue to clear up slowly I ended up spending last night at this one girl's house and my lips were soooooo dry in the morning it was so annoying! If I dont put aquafor on my lips every 2 hours my lips get mad dry. Also the blackheads on my nose have been coming out but now it looks funny cause of how visible my pores are. side effects Dry lips Dry ski
  4. Hey! Thanks for the post on my log, its nice to see people stop by! I was looking through your log and you actually do kinda talk like me haha. I was wondering if you happened to have any bad side effects apart from the usual dryness or feeling tired? I am more afraid of all that scary stuff people say about bad business happening with your hair, yikes! even though its supposed to go away if it does. Your skin seems to be doing great and responding well to accutane, come stop by my log when you
  5. Day 31: Just got my dosage upped to 80 mg a day for the next 4 months since my derm said that is best plan for putting acne in remission. Just got done popping my first 2 pills, but i will split it up for the next 4 months i just didnt have time today so i took them at the same time. BIG NOTE for all you drinkers - It could just be me but there was a mixup with my blood test and i had to get it done today when i wasnt expecting to do it and i actually had about 4 beers last night and my der
  6. Day 26: I goto my derm tomorrow to get my next dose for the second month. Im going to be bumped up to 60 or 80 from my 1st month of 40 and hopefully wont experience any different side effects. Maybe more drying but Im fine with that. My skin is currently the best its been since I have started. I have maybe 3 or 4 actives on my face all very little. My back and shoulders have still been clearing up fairly nicely. Side effects: dry lips durr skin feels barely dry minor back pain
  7. Also the blackheads on my nose have come out alot and my nose feels really bumpy, kinda funny feeling
  8. Hey Rockets, I actually have been drinking. I talked to a few other people who went on accutane a while ago and they told me how they drank as well but gave me tips. Basically I cut down from my normal 12+ drinks in a night to maybe 3 or 4 and I also make sure to drink a ton of water before going to bed. Going to college parties are just really difficult without having a beer or two. I know people mentioned breaking out after they drink but I haven't noticed that at all. Are you on it as well an
  9. Day 21: DAMN! It was creeping under my skin all yesterday and now I have one of those really red wide kind of pimple. It doesn't protrude much but it is mad wide and red and most likely visible to anyone within a 5 mile radius. Besides that everything else seems to be stable, not much better or worse which is fine because I know it usually takes about 3 months or so to start seeing the results! Acne: Big pimple on left cheek with a few other small ones a few pimples on right cheek some small
  10. Thank you both for the comments! I havn't come on the site in a while but I wanted to update just to let people know how the accutane is affecting me. Day 17: The last week or so has been fairly good skin wise, I just had a couple zits on my left cheek and forehead but my back and shoulders seem to be clearing up. Side Effects: Dry lips (Aquafor is boss) Dry skin after showers
  11. Day 8: Not a big change with acne, most of the actives over the past few days have calmed down a bit but there are still a large number of red spots on my cheeks. I also seem to be breaking out more on my Back than usual. Side effects: None except very minor fatigue, I feel lazier then normal when thinking of going to the gym but not even any dry skin/lips yet. Im guessing the low dose for my weight is a good explanation. Hope everyone else's accutane journey's are going well!
  12. Hey yvette! thanks for stopping by my log, im gona be checking up on you since we are so closely on the same path to finishing accutane at the same time. I am also really scared of an IB haha. good luck!
  13. Hey! I was on Finacea and minocycline as well for a few months before accutane but im more worried about an IB coming from going cold turkey with all the antibiotics and creams. I also have about 3 new actives since i've started tane, and one really nasty mother on my left jawline. Do you have a log going also?
  14. I first wanted to mention I weigh 160 lbs and am currently taking 40 mg a day for the first month Day 5: still no changes with side effect, nothing really apparent skin: Pimples that popped up a few days ago died down a little but I have been breaking on my neck which is pretty uncharacteristic. Im just afraid of when the IB is coming... as well as praying nothing will happen to my hair! haha
  15. Hey! I started on my accutane 4 days ago and am definitely going to be checkin up on your log and pre-empt and side effects since you have about a week or so on me haha. Good luck with your treatment and I hope both our logs are filled with only positive results!
  16. Hey everyone! I started a blog but I decided a log is more fun because if I have any questions I can have you guys give me help/support with just an easy click of your mouse. I started Accutane 4 Days ago now and just can't wait another 4+ months but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end! I have persistent moderate acne on my face/shoulders/back and am hoping this goes by smoothly. Biggest problem I am going to have will be not drinking for the next 5 months ugh! Day 4: no side effects yet
  17. Did you guys break out after drinking the day before? Also, if your tests come back Ok does that mean you are in the clear or could it affect you more down the road that you may just not know about?
  18. thanks alot for all the advice, i think im gona give cerave a try first since I keep hearing how good its been for everyone. yayy
  19. Thanks for all the advice guys, I do figure its clearly not worth it to risk something like liver failure to limit myself for 5 months. Plus it is true that if I don't drink in the next month or two and then have a beer new years i should get considerably more drunk. Im definitely gona still be going to the parties, just gona need to get used to being the sober one for a while. Thanks! And Boilermaker there is a Lambda Chi Alpha house right by mine on campus, good guys all around. Hope your 3r
  20. Alright, I just started accutane 2 days ago and I know you are not supposed to drink alcohol because it can lead to liver failure (bad news bears). However, I live in a frat house on the campus of the university I goto and we have parties just about 2-3 times a weekend where I would normally drink more than I prolly should have. My question is what people have been doing while on accutane and dealing with drinking when they goto parties? Any advice or support would be appreciated because I reall
  21. Anyone have any personal favorites they think work the best that can be found in most general stores? I just started accutane today and my Derm recommended Cetaphil but I heard somewhere it can clog pores? Appreciate any advice you guys got!
  22. Hey wingman my situation is very similar to yours but instead of having persistent moderate acne for a couple years ive had it for the past 6 months or so, before it was just mild. I have been going through miniocycline 100 a day and alot of topicals and honestly if your derm told you a regimen to follow i believe you should follow it, he isn't going to put you into harm's way. I have been put on different topicals and antibiotics for the next month but if i still see no improvement im going to
  23. Hey! My derm is the exact same way, I have persistent mild/moderate acne and have been on minocycline for a few months and duac/finacea combo but those havnt cleared me up so he wants me to start accutane if my acne doesnt clear by the end of the month but the thing I fear most is that bad IB b/c it would be worse then what i usually have! did you ask your derm about what the IB would be like for mild acne?
  24. Hey! I am going finishing up my third month on accutane (almost clear!). I was really worried about the IB, esp since I only have mild, but persistent acne (which includes getting about one small cyst a month). So anyway, I didn't want to break out like crazy! It's true that some do get worse before they get better (and for me it's been a rollercoaster ride between clear and some pretty annoying breakouts throughout my course). However, I didn't get an IB. My derm started me on a low dose (20 mg
  25. Hey! I am thinking of starting Accutane but was reading up about it on the forums and read alot about the IB that happens. I have persistent moderate acne and dont usually get those really big cysts but sometimes I get those smaller ones that must be cysts b/c they hurt if i touch them. I keep hearing these stories of how people are breaking out with huge cysts and was wondering if that is because those individuals usually break out like that or if a person with moderate acne like myself will st