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  1. I know you're just trying to help, but I don't know why you'd try to speak with authority on something you've never even tried. I've read a good amount of reviews on the product, and many people have had great results. Even if it doesn't help with scarring, I have fine lines on my forehead, as well as laugh lines (in certain light) that could possibly benefit. Anyway, I will be sure to post so we have some actual evidence one way or another, rather than people trying to portray total specula
  2. Thank you for the very excellent post. One quick question in regards to your summary of the different lasers (I realize these are just general outlines): For the Repair, you mention 1-2 months of redness afterwards (in addition to the downtime). When you say Restore has ~two days downtime, is there generally redness afterward, and if so, how long is typical?
  3. I'm so incredibly frustrated with Fraxel research, because there are such discrepancies between what different people say. The Fraxel website (as well as other people) say healing is about two days and downtime is a week; others say they were looking terrible for one to two months. Some people say it's $2k per treatment; others say it was $700-800. Some people say it was amazing and worked wonders; other people say it's a complete waste of time and does nothing. I have no idea who to belie
  4. First off, let me start by posting the commercial, in case you haven't seen it: It's intended for fine lines around one's eyes, forehead, laugh lines, etc, as well as general complexion improvement... but what about acne scarring? On another commercial, they allude to the fact that the name, laser focus, comes from the fact that it is allegedly close to as effective as dermatological laser treatment. While it's not cheap for an OTC face product ($45), obviously it would be well worth it if
  5. That really really fucking sucks man. That seriously makes me mad at how fucking goddamn bullshit that program is.
  6. I thought mine was 10 days but I could be wrong. Its been awhile. All I know is that whole iPledge thing was such a complete bullshit waste of time and cause of stress.
  7. Dry lips were the worst. My hair also was pretty dry, my back ached when I first layed down, and my face sometimes became flushed. It was well worth it. I've been off for 7 months now and am still clear.
  8. I have it too. It looks horrible. Its kind of like a tan, but instead of making you look good, you look terrible. Very blotchy, and more red than a tan. Plus the area under my eyes doesnt have it, so I have a red face and white undereyes, looks horrible.
  9. The fact that it's barely mentioned on the packaging makes me think its really not a big deal at all, and that this message board, reading into every warning, has made it bigger than it really is. Thats my theory at least. They probably just put it on there because of you drink like a fish, it might cause problems. They dont want to say "just drink a little" on the packaging, so they just say dont drink.
  10. End of month 2 for most people. Once you get your 3rd batch of pills, you should start the path towards clearness with little new breakouts.
  11. Go on accutane. I was the same way as you, scared of the side effects. Right now I have chapped lips and some somewhat gross boogers, thats it. No nose bleeds, headaches, anything. Like someone else said, if you begin feeling depressed, suicidal, headachey, whatever, just stop taking the medicine. It's not like you're suddenly out of nowhere going to get 'tane madness' where you cant think straight and kill yourself or something. Please go on it. I'm on month 3 and regret not going on it
  12. Everyone knows you're not SUPPOSED to drink on accutane. However, I've seen a lot of people have their derms tell them as long as its in moderation, its okay. I've been drinking about twice a month while on accutane. Would any problems with my liver from this be reflected in my blood tests I get taken every month? I'm assuming yes because I know part of it is making sure your liver isnt getting screwed up, just wondering if anyone knew for sure. I normally drink about 5 beers when I do drin
  13. That's really ridiculous. The overboard amount of signing paper after paper should be enough. iPledge is really the most annoying system I've ever had to deal with.