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  1. I am off Clindamycin. It was the only thing working for me but it's an antibiotic and not safe. There's nothing left but Accutane. Blood was taken to see if I'm suitable for it. I see the doc right after Thanksgiving to start with the medication. In the meantime I am taking Amoxicillin ( another bacteria fighting antibiotic ), it's a lot safer than Clindamycin. I sure hope I get similar results. I have tried Frutels and it didn't work. In case you guys dont know it's candy that has ac
  2. Wonko your post was insightful. You've seen a lot of things that people only read about. Believe it or not You and I share similar professions. Back to acne, it's not bed bugs because my brother was sleeping on my bed for the last 5 days with 0 bites. My skin may be growing an immunity to the pills. This is not good. I have an appointment with the Doc the beginning of September, I hope he has a solution for this potential problem. Right now I can say I'm 80 percent acne free which isn't
  3. Earplug thanks for the words If my skin problem comes back I'll tell it how it is. Saw my doc he said I may have bedbug bites as well as the acne. He said some of the acne scars doesn't look like acne. My fathers bed had bedbugs but I never noticed them in mine. I have been waking up to bumps on my skin lately. I looked all over and couldn't find them. Once we clean the sheets my brother and I will be swapping beds to see if we notice a difference. If that's the case all the beds have to
  4. I have been 95 percent acne free while being on the pills, 3 a day. Last week I cut down to two a day to see if I noticed a difference. The acne was returning almost immediately so I returned to the normal dosage. The doc wants me on it for 6 months and so far all I have now are acne scars. I am using prescribed Desonide lotion 5 percent to clear up the scars and its working....slowly though. I'm just praying that when I am done with the pills that the acne will stay gone. Drama news, I am d
  5. I'm just thinking that maybe I can get her to stop playing around if I show extra affection. She's performing an act to get attention. But I think that the best move right now is to ignore her.
  6. Zero luck with the clindamycin topical solution so I'm back on the pills until I see the Doc on Thursday. I would say the pills clears up 90 percent of the skin leaving only a pimple or two on the arms and chest. The doc said even though its an antibiotic I can be on them for months on end to fight the infection. I am just waiting for the scaring to clear up. I feel much more confident now. Oh the picnic was nuts. The girl said she has a boyfriend now who she sees herself marrying but she w
  7. I'm back. Back with a tan! As per the doc I took the pills for 2 weeks then stopped. I told him the positive results of using these pills and he prescribed me the same stuff ( Clindamycin) in topical liquid solution. The pills worked great, cleared up all the acne. It only left the dark scaring spots from the dried up scabs. There were some side effects though. Headaches and stomach cramps which gave me the feeling that I needed to urinate constantly. I'll let you guys know how the topical
  8. No one around me but my best friend knows that I lack confidence because of my skin. Only you guys and him know how I'm feeling. I look like I have confidence. The girl just thinks I'm being a d***. I remember one time I apologized to her and she responded by saying " You're not sorry , Mike you're never sorry". That kind of hit me hard. Especially the fact that she was crying shortly after. She said it was because of an argument with a coworker that happened after our situation but I don
  9. I am currently on Clindamycin and it kills bacteria like you said. The folliculitis acne on my arms have dried up, leaving scabs. It looks good so far but I have only started taking this medication so I can't comment on the long term effects....yet.
  10. My blood tests came back normal. Doc said I have a skin infection that was spreading thoughout the hair follicles. The Clindamycin pills have actually dried up the acne and right now all I have on my arms are red marks and scabs. Looks good so far but I had similar results with the Salicylic acid lotion before only to have the problem return. He wants me to stay on the pills for a week then get back to him. If I can stay acne free for a week then there may be something to these pills. Who
  11. Went to the doc today. My arms were a mess. He said it looked like a mosquito nest had a field day on my arms. He admitted to saying that I had one of the worst cases he has ever seen and the guy is in his 70s! The only reason I am laughing right now is because I'm on vacation and I don't have to go back to work and look at all the people staring at me like a freak. He took a sample from one of my hair follicles and gave me an appointment to visit the lab for blood samples. I also got a
  12. AnaAlessa, I have tried almost everything. I will take a look in the pharmacy stores for that Dual Action Moisturiser. People are also saying sea salt water baths are good, but it sounds soo time consuming. The tea tree soap bar I use is working good for my face but my chest and arms are a mess. Oh I lied again today , the folliculitis on my arms are now dog allergies, lol!
  13. JBabe I keep telling myself that I am only pushing people away temporarily until I can take care of my problem. But this problem isn't going away. I was trying Head and Shoulders but I'm not getting any results. I am going overseas in a few weeks so I have been trying to clear up my skin for the beach. It doesn't look good right now
  14. KHA I am into working out as well but the depression and the fact that sweat agitates the folliculitis I slowed down with that. I read your profile, you and I seem to be having similiar problems mentally with our diseases. I am pushing people away from me , theres this girl I like and because of my behavior we are not in great terms right now, even though I don't deserve all the blame. I'm called mysterious, just not in a good way. I also have Eczema and these two problems are opposites. One