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  1. Turmeric can help with redness on scars as it lightens skin color. It is also used on fresh wounds sometimes because it is antiseptic.
  2. I have also an oily skin and due to this I am also suffering from acne. I was looking for a effective remedy for this. After reading the posts now I came to know that Borage oil is very effective for acne. I will definitely try it. Thanks a lot.
  3. I have the same problem. I’m suffering this problem from few months and I think your tips will help me to overcome my problem.
  4. Sometimes, Antibiotics kill off the “good flora” in human body,
  5. Acne is a skin problem. It happens on many parts of our body, like neck, back and leg. We should be careful about it.
  6. I am also suffering the same problem, so I will try your tips. Thanks a lot.
  7. Do all the things that would help you to get rid of this problem.
  8. You can use Ayucare Neem Moisturising Cream. I have also used it as a moisturizer.
  9. I’ve no idea about Latic acid peels, but I heard that Latic acid is very effective in reducing acne.