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  1. I had headaches the first week I took accutane, and a lot yesterday for some reason. Usually I get them when I don't drink enough water. Except, I hate water so I usually use like Crystal Lite or something yummy like that with very few calories and no sugar. Just a thought if you're like me and don't enjoy downing a lot of water to keep headaches under control.
  2. So, my hair does not curl worth crap but I really want to scrunch it. I'm using Garnier's curl scrunch gel, Curl Booster, and some hair spray. It just won't cur like I want it to. Part of it does and part of it doesn't, I don't know if there's a better way to curl it with your fingers or what but some tips from people who do this regularly or who are super good at it or both would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. the moisturizer that comes with mary kay's velocity combo is awesome, at least for me. it isn't greasy and actually absorbs oil while keeping ur skin soft. idk how it'll work for you but i love it.
  4. my biggest fear is the mental sluggishness. the rest of the side effects i could deal with, but not that. i love thinking as much as i can about everything and anything and learning whatever i can and participating in school. im a nerd but it gets my mind off of how dumb kids in my school can be sometimes if im thinking about making progress academically. is it really common?
  5. So, i've been wondering about this for a long time. is it possible to be immune to side effects? or if i'm not experiencing side effects, does it mean the drug is working less? i've been on flonase and zyrtec for 3 years, i've never been drowsy while on zyrtec or had nosebleeds form flonase. when i was on differin, my face didn't dry out AT ALL and i used a little more than i was supposed to because my acne doesn't respond to much of anything (cept for accutane, now). im still on birth control a
  6. i'm like a week and a half in and the only side effect i've had are my lips being drier than normal. i use vaseline at night and it works wonders by morning. burts bees with pomegranett oil works really well for me, too. and it's yummy.
  7. since i've been on birth control, my bacne has clearned up dramatically. not on my face, so much, but definitely on my back. its great and i've been wearing tanks all summer. i like the tanks that are higher in the back and i just wear a cami under them, so if u don't have acne on your shoulders maybe you could try that cuz it made it way easier for me to start wearing them and i'm having a great summer being cool and comfortable even when it's hot.
  8. THANK YOU! i realize that sometimes this drug really messes people up and its scary, but I'm pretty sure before going on accutane, most, if not just about everyone has talked with their family and friends about it. they've done the research. they know what could happen. if they're at all surprised at it and/or were too afraid to do it, they'd stop or never start. after reading posts about bad side effects, you make your own decisions. we all know the consequences. personally, the only side effec
  9. i feel like this ALL the time. i've spent all summer with my boyfriend (from a nearby school) because none of my friends ever bother to call me to hang out. when i mention something about hanging out to them, they never want to. my best friend is driving me absolutely NUTS with what shes been doing lately (long story), its like we're not even best friends anymore and it hurts cuz i don't wanna lose her. during school, i feel so lonely, i have a group of friends but idk, when they make plans, im
  10. some little kid asked me once if i had the chicken pox too when i was like, in the 7th grade. i was crushed that even little kids were curious about what was wrong w/ my face.
  11. im a couple days in and my face is already improving, im amazed that it worked so fast and i havent broken out at all. i stopped differin just before starting accutane after using differin for 4 months, too.
  12. wow, im 16 too, i started accutane like 2 days ago but my skin is just like yours and i'm on 40 mg a day, too! its nice to find someone on here who's closer to my age, everyone seems older, or maybe its just me.
  13. i had that same problem when my boyfriend started touching my face while kissing or something. it bugged me that it didnt bug him to do it, but you should take her doing that as a compliment. it means she doesnt see anything wrong with your face and maybe likes you more than you might realize. if it still REALLY bothers you, try taking her hand in yours and putting it on your neck or shoulders.