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  1. I visited her blog, and it seems that her skincare line has just been recently launched, so I'm not sure if you're going to get a lot of reviews. If you do try it though, let us know!
  2. I know we're not supposed to pop those darn zits when they come up, but I'm one of those people who keeps obsessing over it until I cave in and pop it. It's nasty, yes. Do I WAIT until it's "ready"? Nope. I just keep touching it, staring at it in the mirror, and thinking about it until I just...can't...take it. So if you're like me, and don't have the patience nor the self control, take my advice: use neosporin. I know this has been mentioned somewhere (if not a lot) on this forum, but neosporin
  3. Just a quick question- do most of the responders have licensing with skin care...or is it just from experience and second-hand accounts? OP, I can't answer your questions (since I'm not trained in skin care) but do you think it's safe for you to take advice from people online who may or may not (most likely the later case) have any formal education regarding skin problems? If I were you, I would switch derms since yours sound like a jerk anyways. But honestly, I'd rather take the advice of der
  4. Well first, what others experience may not be what you'll experience. Each person's skin is different, some are oily, dry, moderate acne, severe acne, etc. etc. As for myself, when I FIRST started it, yes it did balled up, and when I woke up, I'd see bits of balled up yellow thing on my pillow...I just assumed that was partially the AHA & my dead skin. For me, it balls up more when I haven't used it in a while (2 months or so). Also, DK's website said that he made the viscosity of AHA thinn
  5. Yea, there are a ton of St. Ives products out there, it doesn't really help if you don't let us know which one you're using.
  6. My ex boyfriend had severe acne all over his back, and yes this may sound shallow, but they were just very very nasty. I felt like the skin on my hand would melt off if I accidentally touched his back while we were hooking up.
  7. I can understand your frustration. Same thing here when I went to my derm. He literally prescribed me and all my sisters/friends the exact same thing for our acne: clindamycin + antibiotics. Big whoop. He didn't ask about my history either, and it's kind of weird that he prescribes a 14 (back when I was that age haha) yr. old female with mild acne the same thing as a 25 yr old male with severe acne. I mean, is that the ONLY thing they know about? BUT I see it this way: If your dermatologist re
  8. I'm not sure about the pore-clogging ingredient in Cetaphil, but ironically, it's the only cleanser so far that DOESN'T clog my pores. With other [drugstore] cleansers (Neutrogena, Clean & Clear), I develop these weird tiny skin-colored bumps that go away after I stop using those brands; I've never had this problem with Cetaphil. Good thing you found your cleanser though.
  9. I also use Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, but with SPF 55 (I think they have it to SPF 80 now). I'm not sure if it's a moisturizer though, I actually use a separate moisturizer before putting on the sunblock. I also have oily skin too, but this product goes on dry and doesn't make my skin shine like a mirror (like other sunblocks do). Tip: if you want to try this product, I read online that the difference in terms of protection between SPF 55 and SPF 80 (or something) is somewher
  10. Tried it, didn't do anything. The smell was horrible, and it got too messy and too time consuming. Also DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT USE ACV ON OPEN WOUNDS!!! I made the mistake of popping my zit (I know, I know) and then putting ACV on it...I suffered the consequences of my stupidity for the next year and a half. It stung like a ***** and then it scabbed up as if I fell on my face. After the scabs went away came the scars and horrible red marks. Those marks faded eventually through time, but it too
  11. I'm in the same situation as you. I started DK's BP somewhere around 2 years ago, and I still use his products on a regular basis. I find that I can skip every other night and still be clear. However, if I don't use it for a week, those stupid things appear again. I don't necessarily break out dramatically, but I will see a zit (which is 1 too many). Idk when people outgrow acne, but I can give you this info based on my sister/in laws based on their age: late 30's: no zit at all (pretty obvious
  12. You do have to spend a fair amount of money when you order (considering shipping and such), BUT 1) as everyone else mentioned, the bottles are huge and 2) they last a very very long time. After about a month or 2 of using Dan's BP, my acne lessened dramatically, and after about half a year, I barely get a bump anymore (knock on wood). So even though I still use his products, I've only had to order twice in the past 2 something years- one for the medium sized BP and one for the large sized one. S
  13. If you can somehow get your hands on it, I use vitamin E cream. When I first started using Dan's BP & AHA, my face would stay red for an hour or so, and gets really dry/flaky throughout the day. I'm a female, and any make-up users know that flaky skin + makeup == NO NO. I tried other drugstore moisturizers, but none of them worked for me. Somehow, I came across vitamin E cream at one of my local pharmacy, and I've been using that for the past year, and it works great. I don't do the whole po
  14. Using ANY synthetic chemical on your face, body, etc. is "bad" for you. In fact, if we look up "foods & cancer" in google, I'm sure millions of pages will pop up that outline all the different food, preservatives, and things that we EAT that causes cancer- not to mention chemicals that we put on our face. I've been using Dan's BP for the past 2.5 years, and so far, I have nothing but compliments about it. Before, I used to pay a visit to the derm every half a year or so, shelling out 100+ fo