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  1. Have you been seen by a doctor yet?
  2. I just got mine today in the mail, already needled a section on my left cheek. I used 1.5 on fast, didn't bleed much at all. I may go up to 2.0 next time, I have scarred pores and some mild scarring. Years ago I had 1 full face and 3 spot fraxel repair treatments with good results.
  3. I had a full face fraxel repair done in July of 08, an area on my left cheek done in October, Feb, and just recently a week and a half ago. To start with I had I guess a few boxscars that really bothered me, over the course of the treatments they really filled in and became smaller to the point now where they look like large pores. My doc charged me 4000 for the full face and 150 for each spot treatment.
  4. I know exactly what you mean and it drives me nuts. Here's a few pics. I'm getting a fraxel repair done just in that area at the end of January for almost no cost.
  5. I wish I could believe you but then I see this pic.
  6. Well tonight while I was working, I was sweating pretty bad and I guess with the moisturizer I put on my face it made my scars look worse when I saw them in the bathroom mirror. So I really don't know what to think anymore, I know I have scars that bother me and I will continue to do what I can to improve them. Btw jackiey I still think your skin is way better than mine.
  7. I'm debating on getting an LED also, I had a fraxel repair treatment 5 weeks ago (just a spot treatment) and getting another one done in Feb.
  8. I am not sure the percentage of improvement but I do notice the scars are a lot more shallower. I also have a great doctor who barely charges me for the fraxel repair spot treatments. Here's another pic in different lightening, I circled the area that bothers me.
  9. I did see your pics and thought you had way better skin than I did.
  10. Thank you very helpful, about the peels though I do not want to do them myself, also I do take 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily and I don't smoke. I did have a full face Fraxel repair back in July and a spot treatment in late October on the spots that bother me that are shown in the pics. Will most likely have another spot treatment again in Feb.
  11. I did have a full face fraxel repair back in July with good results. I'm not sure they seem worse to me than what you guys are seeing, maybe I'll post a few more in natural lightening tomorrow.
  12. Took a few hard to get the light right to see them. Mainly those marks on my cheek near my facial hair. Also in the last image they look a lot more visible.
  13. I had one full face fraxel repair and than 3 months later I had a fraxel repair done on three spots where my scarring is (no charge from my doc when I had the spot treatment done). I think for acne scarring you really need 2 treatments at least with the repair. I definitely notice a big improvement and would say the money was wisely spent.
  14. Just think to yourself you are taking the right steps to help your skin. I don't know how long you've been on accutane but most likely it will clear your skin up given the right amount of time. As for the scarring, right now there are some very good treatments out there that can help with scarring and more on the way. I know how you feel about looking in the mirror while having acne, when my acne was at its worst before and as I was taking accutane I did not look in the mirror at all. I re
  15. My senior year in high school I had terrible acne and I just started accutane. So I'm sitting in English class pretending to sleep covering my face when I hear some ask where I was and a girl in my class says "Who the guy with the mad zits", she soon realized I was sitting any my desk. Now I knew I had bad acne but it felt like I had the wind knocked out of me, that was almost 9 years ago. My face eventually cleared up due to the accutane but having bad acne really takes its toll on you.