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  1. I've been told bunches that I look like MK Olsen... when her hair was more reddish.. In some pictures, I see it, though my face is much fuller than hers, but on most occasions, I don't.
  2. My derm, along with my gyno, told me that the birth control would give me an initial breakout...
  3. But wouldn't it be best to give it three months to see how your body actually reacts to it?? This could be my initial breakout...which means that its starting to work, right?
  4. I was gunna try and give this one three months, to see how it works after my body is used to it.. I've had two total now, the same two, and they're shrinking slowly, still painful though.
  5. I'm on Ortho cyclen-- It will be a full month on it Sunday... Before I was on Ortho tricyclen, which caused me to break out badly, so I was switched to Ortho Cyclen... Whats Jane Addiction?? I'm also on mino.
  6. I'm not a virgin anymore!! I got my first actual CYST on my cheekbone and it hurts sooo bad and the area around it is brrrright freakin pink. It definately isn't hard to say that I'm not happy about it! I'm not sure if its from the blush I've been using, or from starting birth control pills again, cause I just got another, smaller "normal" (I dunno what to call it) spot about an inch under it. Arrrgh..
  7. Since Feb... I just got the gel last night though, had been on the cream. What percentage are you on?? Mine is .1%
  8. I've used the cream since Feb, and it never felt like it actually sank into my skin. When I woke up in the morning, my skin looked horribly oily (its never really oily), and felt gross. I don't know if my derm changed my prescription without telling me, or if it was just a mistake at the drugstore, but they gave me differin gel yesterday. I didn't notice until last night, and I was scared to go a night without using it, so I went ahead and used the gel. Granted, it did feel a little gross at
  9. I adore the Clindamycin... I wasn't sure it was making a difference, as its taken two months for me to get completely clear, minus redmarks, by using this, differin, and mino. BUT I haven't used it in about a week, and I have five tiny pimples.. I know they'll be gone in a day or two, but it shows that this really works.
  10. lol.. Well... I noticed you had alot of posts about accutane, and you were debating taking it, but I didn't know if you actually ever had or not... I switched over to Ortho Cyclen from Ortho Tri Cyclen for a total of three days.. but then I just quit. I was afraid I'd eventually gain weight on it.
  11. I was required to have an exam first.. and the old guy that gave me mine was nastily perverted.. so yes, it was very awkward, and a traumatic experiance.