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  1. No this guy is just speculating. I'm sure over masturbation can cause problems. But the only problems cited by any source is mental problems. There has been no research that found anything dealing with real hormone imbalance cause by masturbating too much. Plus what is too much? He is speculating that once a day is too much, but i don't know. No research has supported any of these claims.
  2. I imagine that weed can make acne worse. It would probably depend on the amount that you smoke. But when you get really high your blood pressure is raised and overall your body is working on a much higher level. This could potentially lead to acne. Now i'm not one of those conservative prudes who think weed is evil. I actually used to smoke quite a lot of weed myself, but it does also screw up your sleep. I know many of you will contest this point, lol. Smoking weed regularly, especial
  3. Yeah thanks for the advice man. I know salicylic acid works pretty well for me, i just don't wanna get stuck in the position of getting regular chemical peels or go overboard and have my skin permanently thinned. I think the problem with all these creams is that they do somewhat thin the skin. So even when you are acne free its easy to break out. Its almost impossible to get all the germs off your face because they are all around you lol. But anyways good luck on your journey.
  4. 10 Percent and just barely under PH 2.5 is not too bad. A friend of mine only had a couple of days of downtime, and even then his skin was just somewhat dry. Nothing too bad. But it effectively killed all acne on his face. Took about at least 2 weeks before it came back. Or I could even get the 5% exfoliate that works very well for those with sensitive skin. Also you leave it on for a couple of minutes. That is all it takes for it to get in your skin. As long as you get the botanicals
  5. kenzo

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    What kind of sacylic acid treatment do you use? If its over the counter 2% or less than it very difficult to control your acne with it. You do have to continually use it and at times it can break you out from overuse. When it is this weak of a percentage it doesn't reach the core of the pores. It just cleans the outer surface but doesn't dig far enough into the inner layers of the skin. This is why often it pushes the acne out. In this case i suggest you don't use it for a few days because
  6. Seems like a dumb question because i guess skin can get used to any acid. But is it possible for the skin to get used to a particular % of salycilic acid, so it no longer works the same as it used to? I know when you get chemical peels and facials ive heard several times that they always increase the percentage used slowly. Is this because the skin gets used to it, or just because they want you to start off slow? I have been using 2 percent pro active sensitive skin face wash, which original
  7. You know not everybody like you has a spot that occurs every month or so. A lot of people here have serious acne problems that affect their life in very significant ways. The acne.org chat is meant for exactly what is says "acne discussions" If you wanted to socialize then you could have joined the billion other chat rooms on the internet. To be honest, though, the chat wasn't used for acne discussion nearly as much as it was used just for socializing. So yes, people that want to social
  8. You know not everybody like you has a spot that occurs every month or so. A lot of people here have serious acne problems that affect their life in very significant ways. The acne.org chat is meant for exactly what is says "acne discussions" If you wanted to socialize then you could have joined the billion other chat rooms on the internet.
  9. If a form was put up before you log on chat, saying some of the things here might be offensive and you should be at least 18 years old, then these parents cannot blame anybody. Chat by nature is impossible to completely regulate. I don't think removing it is necessarily the best answer. I do have to say that the chat was somewhat going downhill however. Because people would socialize and very little talk about acne was occurring. There were several users that would always help newcomers w
  10. Typical bs, only in America do people think that sexual content is dangerous. We have 14 year olds talking about violent films and movies, but a show of breasts or anything sexual and a movie is automatically rated 18A. As if teenagers aren't having sex normally.
  11. I thought i would make a post about irritation. Hopefully some people will reply with their problems with it. When people talk about acne treatments the most troubling thing i find is that they never talk about irritation and just how irritation can make acne so much worse. Dermatologists love to prescribe the typical two part system, antiobiotic and retin a without even taking into consideration the skin type that people have. I have very sensitive skin and can break out very easily from co
  12. These statements are contradictory. Fruits are crammed with sugar. In fact, we named a whole sugar after them -- it's called "fructose". In fact, some fruits, like apples and pears have a higher fructose/glucose ratio than Coke. So if you eat apples and pears, you're on more of a "high fructose" diet than someone who just has a can of Coke instead of that big, red apple. It is different type of sugar. Natural sugar and refined sugar are very different. Natural sugars contain more f
  13. Your skin looks great. Might seem like a weird thing to say, but thank you for posting. I was one of those people that initially believed diet has nothing to do with acne and went on antibiotics that really screwed me up. My health is just getting better now. I noticed that diet definitely makes a difference. It's important that a lot of people post about this stuff because so many are disillusioned into thinking that lifestyle and diet has nothing to do with our image an acne. Most doctor
  14. It took me about 3 months before i saw any significant changes. So i suggest you stick with it, unless of course its making you sick.
  15. Wow, just wow. SO because you happened to look on a few sites that tell you there is no connection, you think this is the way it is? Plenty of research shows that there is an effect between diet and acne. Even on this very website there is an interview in which a doctor talks about a study done that shows a direct connection between dairy products and acne. Plenty of certified doctors swear that there is a connection between the two and offer a lot of evidence. I suggest you stop being so c