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  1. Im wondering.. You may have Vitiligo.. Vitiligo has nothing to do with acne. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitiligo It sounds very much like that.. but without seeing it I couldnt tell you.
  2. Hey everyone. I used to drink green tea a year ago, but I had stopped for some reason (maybe i just got lazy) I have started to drink green tea again (i make it with the dry green tea leaves), and it seems to make my break out worse. I do not add sugar or anything else to the tea. I heard that green tea is an anti inflamitory, but somehow i will still break out when i take it. I suspect that the caffene it contains may be an inflamitory, and the one cancels out the benefit of the other. Does
  3. Thanks for everyones replies.. i just moved to another country and was unable to reply back to this thread until today. About intolerences, (thanks jbrown), im wondering. Since i have moved overseas, Iam eating a lot of rice. The natural doctor here put me on a herbal mix which worked well, and my severe cystic acne was almost 90% clear. i have a picture of myself with normal white skin again. Then i started to cheat and eat fried chicken at the resturant because it was cheap, and the dig
  4. Hey everyone. I started this topic not to get a debate going as to weather masturbation makes acne worse. At least for my acne, it does make it a lot worse. I tried not going with "me and my hand tonight" for 10 days and it cleared me up, so i know my issue is harmonal. (as well as diet and digestion related as well to a lesser extent) I have done some reading online, and some articles state, for those guys with high harmone levels, we may be putting too much stress on our adrenals by overdoi
  5. I know people will flame away But for me it does effect me. But i have some personal beliefs about it. Try it out for a week or so to go without and see if any reaction. I personally dont believe its the sex that causes acne to get worse, but that the body is already having problems eliminating waste as it is, that the release of extra harmones overloads the skin to eliminate it Since i have got my digestion in order, the acne is much better, and sexual things dont effect it now.
  6. no one has looked at digestion problems and acne? any ideas anyone?
  7. Spicy foods don't "heat" up anything, hot peppers in particular. The word "hot," in terms of taste, is a cultural label that describes spiciness--not the temperature on your tongue. Im not sure if im right, but he may be describing what chinese medicine says. the idea being that spicy foods create internal type of heating, which then makes the acne worse. http://www.chinesemedicinedoc.com/index.php?page=84 for example
  8. Hi everyone. A few weeks ago i got onto the juice diet.. I wont call it fasting because i still ate chicken and what not, but mostly carrot, celery, cucumber, beet juice made fresh. I also started going for colonics treatment. The last colonics treatment was on Tuesday.. the naturopath advised that i may not go to the washroom either that day or the next, as the water cleaned it out. I made a large mistake on Wednesday by eating nachos at a resturant.. i should know better but ate it anyway
  9. sorry i didnt see your post earlier, but it seems another poster explained it to you. i suffer from this too (vitiligo and acne, great combination) there are different theories.. one says its auto immune, that the immune system attacks its own pigment, and the other says it may be fungal. if you have any questions about it , feel free to ask me.
  10. You might not believe this but.. i had severe cystic acne since 12 (and i still do) but to an extreme lesser extent. i had taken Tane 3 times, used every topical in the book.. and all i would get is a red face from all the lotions burning it. (racoon eyes) i finally realized that since no pill would do anything for me, i would look natural. again believe it or not.. i am controlling 75% of my breakouts just by juices.. i take carrot/celery/cucumbers and put them in a juicer and drink it str
  11. I tried zinc.. i have a similar reaction, i get small whiteheads the next morning, but it keeps the cystic under control As other posters just said, i find the redness is markedly improved with zinc. however i discontinued it because i can control most of my acne with juices (carrot/celery/cucumber) made in my juicer.
  12. Hi Kannie, thanks for replying.. i dont eat pork, because i had seen quite a few videos on youtube about pork and parasites, plus my naturopath told me not to.. I guess it would make sense not to eat liver (since it is a toxic clearing house) but i completely didnt think of that yesterday. its weird to see my face just go beet red , even in the clear part. i now know what not to eat
  13. same thing for me.. the body is excreting what it cant process. i used to take high doses of things, but i dont personally believe it is good in the long run.
  14. Hey Ariellestar, i have the same problem i always had poor digestion, and my biological mom died of colon cancer, following ulceritive colitis disease, so it runs in the family. even if i eat good, i only go to the washroom maybe like once in 3 or 4 days.. when i go for colonics treatment it comes out, but not until then. another poster mentioned fiber, but i read that some fibers cause irritation to the bowel. hopefully some other people have some good suggesions.. good luck to you a