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  1. Hey everyone! Just wanted to update. Ive been off accutane for something like 14 months now and my skin is still fine! For the first year after tane, my skin was perfect. Now i get an occasional zit that benzoyl peroxide can handle. I really want to let everyone know that ACCUTANE IS AMAZING (for like 99% of people). The journey sucked but the destination was so worth it! I don't worry about my skin anymore, and that is an awesome freedom.
  2. Day 116 Hey everyone I havent posted here in a long time which can only mean good things! My skin looks incredible, I havent gotten a new pimple in about a month I would say. I have pesky red marks but I'm sure they will fade eventually. Im still dry and achey everywhere and I broke a bone in my foot recently, hopefully accutane wont slow the healing process - crutches are annoying! I'm going to the derm tomorrow for hopefully my last time. I was originally supposed to be on accutane for 1
  3. ok so you didnt burn, but you know you are still damaging your skin right? tanning on accutane is a bad idea, your skin will age prematurely! wanna look 60 when youre 40?
  4. Hey everybody its Day 77 (51% done) no big changes since the last time i posted, my skin is still good i would say i get about 1 new pimple every 2 or 3 days? the red marks are the only bothersome part, the dryness doesnt seem as bad as it once did, ive probably just gotten used to it. i had to wear contacts for the first time since going on accutane the other day and wow was it horrible, my eyes hurt so much so fast, i took them out asap and will stick to glasses until november. im goin
  5. I drank on a Friday night then had my blood work done on either the Monday or Tuesday and I was totally fine. I didn't get drunk though, only 4 beers.
  6. Hey everyone Today is day 67 I havent updated in a while but I guess thats a good thing as my skin is getting better. Red marks suck and I get a new pimple occasionally but its definately improving. I talked to my derm and we decided that I should just stay at 60mg/day for my entire 5 month course. Side effects arent that bad, dry skin, dry lips, some pain in my legs and back after long runs but nothing horrible. I skipped a pill last week and took my pill really late at night one night but
  7. I dont think I'd worry too much about it, sitting in natural light for a while or under a hot bulb might have a bad effect though.
  8. Hey everyone Day 51 I'm 34% done my course and there isn't much new to add. Skin is just okay, get a few new actives once in a while but side effects arent that bad. Dry skin and lips are manageable and I had 4 beers last weekend, didnt die and my bloodwork came back great. I'm not going to use that as an excuse to drink in excess but I like knowing I can have a few beers once in a while. Right now I think it's just a waiting game until I'm done in November. Only 99 Days left!!! Brian
  9. I'm 19 and on day 39. As long as you moisturize every morning and every night, dry skin shouldnt be a problem. It definately isnt for me. Dry lips can be a bit bothersome.. they never really get bad if you apply lip chap constantly but then you're a guy with shiny lips haha. I usually apply lip chap tons throughout the day but check that my lips arent glossy in a mirror. Also, so far the sun thing hasn't been bad for me. I just wear sunscreen and a hat when I go outside for long periods of time
  10. Hey everyone! Day 39 Not much is changing, but i feel like maybe I'm past getting breakouts (fingers crossed). I have a few little spots around my temples but other than that, its just red marks. This is way better than even a week ago. Maybe I've finally turned the corner? Still dry skin, dry lips, dry eyes etc. Still applying betamethasone (i think thats its name) to my wrists and forearms to keep my rash from coming back too strong. Not as much back pain as I had in the beginning either
  11. Hey Guys! Thanks so much for replying, I really appreciate it! Today I had a derm appointment and it was so frustrating, its so impersonal and i always feel like they are speaking down to me. Makes me upset but oh well. I think I'll stay on 60 mg/day for 3.5 months and then be on 40 mg for the last 1.5 months. That way I'll have less side effects when I'm at school and a little drinking won't be as hard on my liver. My face looks pretty bad right now, lots of under the skin stuff coming up ar
  12. Hey CrimsonandCreamDiva Just read your log! I like how optimistic you are! I'm on day 32 now so I think I'm about 2 weeks ahead of you right? You probably already mentioned this but how many months are you on it for? And how old are you? haha you might have mentioned these but I think tane has made me forgetful! Brian
  13. Thanks Siava! I'd love to hear how it went.
  14. Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone had experienced issues getting a massage while on Accutane? I was wondering if any oils could irritate the skin or if a massage would be too aggressive on my skin? I don't think it would be good to get a hot-stone massage but what about a normal one? Thanks for any answers! Brian
  15. Hey Emily - thanks for responding! The no drinking thing really sucks, so many big events are coming up and I want to be able to drink but oh well. The past two mornings I've woken up with blood on my pillow from nosebleeds which I'm not too happy about anymore. Does anyone know somehting good I can use? The saline drops don't seem to be helping enough.