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    Destroying females any way I can.
  1. yes dicipline is the key, ana bell you want to go out?
  2. and elsa is hot if thats her in her avatar.. wanna go out?
  3. You know what I was thinking about what u said today at uni, and made me feel a bit calmer. still got no girlfreind though.
  4. They are true.. Whatever or who u are, life is allways 50/50
  5. So u say u will get him out..??.. I seee.. But what if you felt or thought there was not much u could do and it was best to flush, 1 - what would ur last words be to ur son,, 2 - how will u flush, will u close the lid and flush or just flush quickly to avoid pain? 3 - what will you do when he dissapears? Interesting person, Please Dogpie, add me to msn [email protected], if u want. I study brain chemsitry as a hobby
  6. I cant look at any mirror, I see someone who is not me.
  7. I was helping a guy out, and B5 does help me, at least it stops females from being bitches to me and my skin looks a bit respectable.. Why did god make females evil for? If there is an angel girl with acne who is single, and doesnt care if a guy suffers from acne email me at [email protected]
  8. Dont ban me, I want to talk to the males in here.. I want to open their mind.. If you ban me it will just prove how IGNORANT, and SEXIST this forum is. I have turned into a schemer, just like females..if i had met a nice female rather then a scheming nice female, I would at least have some hope.. And I can tell a schemer by looking into their eyes, thats why woman refuse to look.. they know I know what they are. DEVILS. By the way Im posting in the approporiate forum, a place to "VENT".. so
  9. U female or what? And im not bitter, im quite happy with where I am, I just dont like the scheming sex. If my pet died, i would probably cry.. If a girl died, I would celebrate another fallen vulture. Im a happy guy, even if Im lonely and the girls are scared of me I dont care, cos I know they are stupid judgemental sluts trying to make me feel crap about myself, they fail. I hatem so much, the evil stare they give at every turn, the way they look away, the way they avoid me, the way they tr
  10. If we all had a girlfreind we wouldnt care, but its cos it decreases If not kills our chances of ever getting a girlfreind that we care how the flesh of fallen angels looks.. women did this to u, they are the devils advocate. Oh yeh thanks eve for giving adam the apple you dumbass.