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  1. Day 129: Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. Unfortunately, not much has changed, and in fact, may have gotten slightly worse. I'm really hoping that in the next month or so that everything clears up, but as of right now my hopes aren't too high. I've been on about 3 weeks of antibiotics in conjuction with my Accutane, and I just started another 10 days as well. I don't know why my cystic acne is so stubborn; I've already cut out as much dairy as I can, but it still sticks around. I fou
  2. Day 98: Saw my derm twice in one week; the cysts came back around my jawline unfortunately, and have been a nuisance (as they always are). However, after being prescribed some antibiotics (Biaxin XL 1g/day, and Fucidin Cream), the cysts and any other acne have gone down quite a bit, even in just one week. All the acne on my forehead has basically disappeared, but unfortunately the stuff on the cheek/jawline takes a long time to heal. I've found that getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep a night
  3. You're lucky your IB went by so fast; I'm still getting hit, and I started about 2 weeks before you.
  4. Day 79: Not much else new to report. All major cysts have basically disppeared, but I'm getting a fair amount of minor acne on my forehead and cheeks still. This is probably due to my terrible sleeping schedule, so I'm trying to fix that now. My next appoitnment will be in about a week and a half, so hopefully I see more results as I get closer to that date. I'll be starting my fourth month soon, so I'm really hoping that the clearing up will be drastic within the next month or two. I'm kind of
  5. I think some slight muscle/bone pain is normal, but if it becomes unbearable, I would go to your derm for advice. Same for the depression thing, though aren't most people usually more agitated when they lack sleep?
  6. Hey, sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you. There was a point about a month ago where I thought I was going to quit as well, so I totally understand where you're coming from, though I don't think my symptoms were as visually apparent as yours. I hope you have success with other treatments, or maybe someday just "grow out" of it, if that's even possible.
  7. My nosebleeds stopped after a bit too, but if it ever happens again, a good trick I was told to use was to put some vaseline on a q-tip and rub it around the edge of your nostril. You may be lucky and not experience an IB, but I didn't really get mine till a month or so in, and I'm only "recovering" from it now, 2.5 months in roughly. I think accutane has changed my sleeping patterns a bit; I'm more of a light sleeper now, which is the opposite of what you experienced. I don't think it's somethi
  8. Same, I had most of my oil in my t-zone area. It sucks right now because the weather up here is pretty cool and dry, so my lips are dry as hell. But yeah, hopefully post-Accutane we're all oil free.
  9. I think for the headache stuff, just make sure you drink lots of water. I was really glad (and still am) at how my forehead is no longer oily. I don't know when your IB will hit, but just know that it gets somewhat worse before it gets better.
  10. Day 65: I think my cystic acne is finally clearing up. This will be the start of my third month; my dermatologist has bumped my dosage to 440mg/week. I’ve had no side effects from this point on except dry lips; the random chest pains have totally disappeared. I’ve been drinking as much water as I can, and I take some fish oil, and Vitamin D/E every day. Most of my face is clear now, except for some areas along the jaw line. I hope this is the end of the initial breakout; I didn’t think mine wou
  11. Good luck! I didn't notice many changes until around the 3rd week.
  12. Hi zhfac, use tweezers for what?, i dont use them...though i have one that came while i bought a set from walmart. Oh, in another thread you mentioned that yo had problems with picking, so that's what you were using to help. Unless I read it wrong, and it was someone else who wrote that.
  13. Hey user101, saw your post on another person's log and felt like asking a question: Where did you get your tweezers (pharmacy?) and how are you sterilizing them? Boiling water or just soap? Good luck with your course!
  14. I think it's fine to exercise while on Accutane, but I found that it took longer for me to recover if I worked out really hard (the muscle pain last almost twice as long). It'll probably take another week or two for it really kick in with regards to the oil control.
  15. I regret not starting Accutane even like a year ago, I would've saved my skin from so much scarring. Good luck!