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  1. I either chew alot of raw garlic (mixed with cooked foods or toast which is my fav. way) or chop it up and swallow it. My husband and friends tell me that I stink (my breath), but I didn't care at the time. I started using digestive enzyme with it which is suppose to help, but my husband still calls me garlic breath. I usually do anywhere from 3 large cloves to a whole bulb.
  2. I use chia seeds in my morning shake and I also use Salba which is the same thing, but they tend to hike the price on it. One can also buy salba flour which makes really tasty muffins!!!
  3. Ariellestarr I'm with you on avoiding any form of msg, natural occurring or not, sometimes it really doesn't take much does it? (tiny tiny amounts can be too much for someone sensitive to something!) It sounds like you are on the right track!!! Good job!!!!
  4. Ariellestar, Oh no,I didn't say take the antibiotics...I said take it if you want to, but I personally wouldn't. (I am very stubborn). I personally would take anything and everything natural for anything that was afflicting myself or my kids. (they seldom get sick, but when something does hit them I dose them max. with potent herbs, etc...they never go to the dr.'s and seldom to a ND) And if it was something really serious and felt that I wasn't sure what I was taking would be adequate I wou
  5. But, gluten is like sludge on the colon walls.........sticky!!!
  6. Goldenseal is also another natural antibiotic. I was just skimming through one of my candida books and it says that "people who taken anti ulcer meds. actually develpe candida overgrowth in their stomachs." "This occurrence highlights the importance of hydrochloric acid in the prevention of candida overgrowth." Goldenseal is also another natural antibiotic. I was just skimming through one of my candida books and it says that "people who taken anti ulcer meds. actually develpe candida over
  7. There are candida questionaires in candida books that one can take. Also finding a dr. knowledgeable about yeast related illness. ( the dr. can employ lab. techniques such as stool cultures for candida and measurement of antibody levels to candida or candida antigens in the blood. I personally find that just doing the candida questionaire to be adequate. (I don't know about the coated tongue being related to candida I have a chinese herbal book that mentions it, but it wasn't about candida, but
  8. From what I've read ulecers can be caused by fermentation in the stomach. (which is through bad food combination....e.g. eating meat and before it's completely digested having some raw fruit which takes no time to digest, but can't procede to the next step,because of the meat that's still sitting in the stomach) As far as taking the antibiotic, if you really are opposed to it (I personally wouldn't take it), echineacea is a natural antibiotic as is garlic (especially raw), but that would probabl
  9. What's PIH? I think that you should give it time. Maybe you are right,about not being experienced, but I wouldn't give up! Keep trying and keep me updated!
  10. you can pick up a colon cleanse at a fine health food store ( I only use the one from herbdokc) or www.herbdoc.com It's a short cleanse, but extremely potent...it really gets the job done! If you buy the products seperately it's cheaper (formula 1 and formula 2) (they throw in an air detox and a book with the kit, but you may want the book for start up info.) (I think the book is $4 or $7) I'm doing one as a speak! really enjoying it!!! P.S. enema's and colonics are really great to do while d
  11. I've only done two so far and spaced almost a month a part (a couple days short of a full 4wks.) ahh...my results hmmm...one new scar seems smaller, pores maybe? smoother maybe? I had a deep erbium done almost 4 1/2 mths. ago and saw vague improvement (wasn't worth my time or money) so I'm leary about expecting any major results with this tx. But who knows I'm willing to try until I do a deep co2. What slight results I am seeing may also be from my erbium, because sometimes that can take up
  12. How exciting! The high frequency is suppose to be good for scars and keeping the skin looking young (the woman that use to do my face was older and did not look it and by no means was it through cosmetic surgery, she says that it's from her using the high frequency..she had such beautiful skin!) Anyways, I don't know if you can do it twice a day, I guess if you went on a low setting....see what happens! Oh I'd love to get one!!
  13. I go to Dr.Sandy James Pritchard (Sothet'x). The est. that does the tx. is super and she's not afraid to put the laser on high settings. (the higher settings are good for scars) She doesn't seem to be into wasting a person's time or money. Dr. Mitchell Brown on Bay St. also uses the profractional, but I think that they haven't been using it for long and I don't think that they really set the laser high? Anyways, I think that I'm happy with the tx. at Pritchard's office. Have you done any pr.fr