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  1. Umm.. lean meats (chicken, turkey, some beef) whole wheat pasta whole wehat breads sausage (try to find the healthiest one) lots of veggies some fruits have a lot of sugar, I only eat grapes, apples, kiwi, strawberry. flax oil hemp seeds nuts (avoid peanuts) there is plenty of low GI foods to eat
  2. So I got the stomach flu a few days ago really bad, I couldn't sleep or eat anything for 2 days straight. Despite this stressful situation, I noticed my face was completely dry! No oil what so ever. What does this tell you? Am I not properly digesting food and it's causing oiliness on my skin? Or is my liver somehow weak and this break from food was enough for it to cleanse itself despite all the stress and lack of sleep?
  3. I have a big presentation coming up with a lot of people attending I usually blush in public speaking and this is going to be especially bad because the even will last for hours. Can anyone suggest some quick over the counter medication to help me out? What if I take a bunch of sleeping pills? I don't care if I'll be half asleep as long as it helps! Or some cold medication that will make me drowsy and not care? Thanks.
  4. Sun/Tanning works because UV light kills bacteria on the surface of the skin. In no way is it a "cure" just a temporary solution. But yeh, during summer I can get my back 100% clear just going to the beach every week.
  5. hey chaps, how about a low sugar weight gainer or protein bar, there must be one without much sugar that exists? Would be interested in something like this if you guys can find something. I'll do some research too and post it later.
  6. it's at least good to see more exposure to diet-acne connection. The whole diet is not related to acne reeks soo much just like the whole man-made global warming fiasco. Despite all the evidence, the wrong conclusions are promoted by health/political groups.
  7. And remember that nobody with a diet theory of acne has ever achieved anything close to a cure. The (sad) gold standard to date is to reduce acne more than placebo. If the actual cause for any significant amount of acne was well understood, someone should be cranking out studies where, say, 80% of the study patients no longer have any acne whatsoever. Ain't happened, AFAICT, which likely indicates they haven't really grasped what's going on. Please tell me you are not serious?! How can yo
  8. Say you got rid of the root cause of your acne, will existing blackheads go away by themselves eventually or will they stay until I dissolve them and extract them?
  9. Again, no sugar is allowed, this means honey too. Best thing to do is look at the nutrition label of the products in question, if they have more than 1 gram of sugar per serving it should be avoided. So it's been 2.5 weeks for me and my skin keeps getting better, noticeably less oily, my bacne is going away, mostly it is red spots left over, they will fade in time. I still get a couple of pimples on my back, and my blackheads seem to be shrinking but not completely gone yet. I will also admit
  10. So it's not possible to add muscle mass on candida diet? Since the focus is to consume less carbs as possible?
  11. Looks like I may have to load up on regular oats and sweeten them with stevia to get most of my calories. Also why is peanut butter considered bad for candida? The one I have says it's like 2g of carbs and 1g of sugar. Is it just the moldy nature of peanuts? I used to love mixing a tablespoon of peanut butter into my oats, made them taste nice and creamy :drool
  12. Hey, thanks for the heads up, I just read up on MD and you are right, it is high GI value almost like sugar. Do you think it's possible for a similar product like this to be made without MD? Are there any other variations of glucose that are typically used and should be avoided?
  13. First of all, I want to thank Brenton for sharing all this information with us. I've been following this regime for only a week now and I'm already seeing results. My goal is to clear up blackheads on my nose and cheek area, get rid of oily skin condition and to get rid of acne on my back. Yes, my back is broken out while my face is mostly clear except for blackheads. Anyways, I will keep you guys updated on my progress as well. I too have been experiencing what I believe are die-off symptoms,
  14. Hey guys, I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat. I am on an anti-candida diet and I'm struggling to maintain and grow my muscle mass. Lets challenge ourselves and create an approximately 3000 calorie daily diet consisting of only candida safe foods. Let's first start with a list of safe foods and their respective nutritional information and go from there. 1. Chicken breast (130 cals, 27g protein) 2. Egg (75 cals, 6g protein) 3. Bacon strip (16 cals, .5g protein) 4. Tuna can (191 cals, 42
  15. Hey how is your diet going? I myself started anti-candida diet a week ago, right now I'm finding it tough to consume a proper number of calories. I need to be taking in at least 3000 calories a day because I also weight lift, any tips?