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  1. it is possible to cover it up.. that's what i have been "deceiving" everyone with for months, apart from my family and boyfriend.. i use everyday minerals matte formulation. and it covers like a miracle when i keep layering it. i dont buffer it in, i just stipple.....and it covers my red marks perfectly even in the bright sun. (what i do is i do my makeup by the window, so i know how i'll look like when im out in natural light, instead of floroscent light) OH, UNLESS I DRINK. I TEND TO GET RED
  2. it's genetic probably i've been having it forever since i was young... it could also be the bp that's thinning our skin that's why the blood vesesels are easily "seen" by blushing! exercise!! i love the flush that stays for a few days after a good day of high-lo cardio workout!
  3. hey there!! woah your really tall!! actually i guess it doesn;t really matter if its taken in the day or night, correct me if im wrong... but im currently on my 6month of accutane! everything is going great! my red marks have def. faded about 70% now!! as for blackheads, id suggest putting bp on it? just a thin layer at night before u slp. and in the morning put moisturiser on it so it balances the drying effect off! good luck!
  4. heya all! i'm on my 6month of accutane at 20mg/day, low dose, and Id like to find out if i can drink a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice (2apples) a day in the morning while i take my accutane about an hr after? will that be too much on my liver? thanks aLL!
  5. i understand what your growing through... with anyone that has active acne, everything becomes "obsessive" actually. and everything suddenly shifts into focus and we start blaming everything... if you have like different seasons of up and down acne, with acne being CYSTIC in nature, leaving dark marks, i would suggest you go on accutane on a low dose. it totally helped mine, i am at 20mg/day and on my 6month, and ive been pretty much clear, leaving my red marks being able to heal, like FINALLY
  6. hi ive got these bumps all over my wrist area too. when i moisturiser it goes away. hwever when i stop it comes back... im terrified of dealing with this forever... will it?
  7. i have the exact same rash! 3 months into accutane! my gosh.. when i moisturise, it goes away. if i stop, it comes back. im wondering do i have to moisturiser my arms for the rest of my life? scary thought.
  8. what happened to this thread? it just died?
  9. your very lucky to have a gf like that. when i had a bf, and i slept over at his house and stuff, i always had to sleep on with makeup cos i didnt knw how to facehim with my face of acne. although he tld me he preferred me without anymakeup on. i totally get what u mean... since its definately the hormnes, you should talk to ur doctor abt it. as with dealing with it, i can tell you that just keep thinking positive. sooner or later our hormones will self-adjust and it will all go away. for now
  10. hey i know how you feel! i have all these all over my cheeks as well, and people look at me like im hideous. when i put on makeup ppl say im cute, what a load of bull superficial people. but itll fade, but itll take VERY longto fade. lasting from a year to year-and a half. sigh.
  11. update! day 34. the acne cyst grew really huge so i went for my first cortisone shot yesterday. i can say that today, the cyst is completely flat with a purplish mark. well , other red marks seem to be so much lighter compared to this darkened beast lol.
  12. taking accutane after food, like wait 20-30mins after ur meal, will usually enhance the absorption of accutane into ur blood stream
  13. fast update! im kinda sad now... i woke up with like one baby cyst smack in the middle of my cheeks. ON top of a already recovering red-mark left over from old cyst. sigh... looks like tt spot's gonna take really long to heal. =/ well, at least, there's some goodnews. FOR GIRLS: those taking accutane, great news! when i apply makeup, it goes on so smooth, doesnt get oily even after 12hours, STILL MATTE AS HELL (!! I KNOW OMG) and, i dont even need to apply an eyeshadow primer anymore. i mean,
  14. hey! @deejo: 9months if im not wrong. on 15mg/day. the max i can bear is 20mg. because my lips are already cracking/bleeding like crazy and my eyes are constantly dry (i sleep in air-conditioned room), so from what i've researched and heard: lower dose = longer course. side effects are not so strong, so it's up to you really. for my body weight and height, (im only 40kg) , so if i go on higher doses i think those would probably make me very moody and depressed as well. for the acne coming ba