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  1. hey guys.. its been a month n sumthing days since i have been on this board n a month ago, i visited the dermatologist. I visited the derma on september 3rd. My derma n i talked n she asked me what medication was i takin before n i told her minocycline.Apparently, minocycline did not work for me.So she prescribed me tetracycline and benzaclin.At first i was a lil hesistant because, i was prescribed to take antibiotics again. My derma said that if tetra n benzaclin wont work, its time to take the
  2. nothing really.yeah lol nothing. but its cool, cuz i went to my dermatologist today n she prescribed me tetracycline n i have to put benzaclin on my face...n if this dont work after 6 wks...its time for plan b..n thats..AcCuTaNe i dont wana go on accutane cuz of the side effects, i jus started school.But hopefully..tetracycline n benzaclin will help me.Wish me luck guys! thanks for listening.i'll keep yall updated if i notice ne improvement.
  3. has anyone taken or is taking minocycline? i started taking minocycline 3 days ago. I just want to know if it's effective or not.
  4. mischief2-hey thanks for bein soo nice! aksjdf-haha ur hilarious lol thanks for the advice n yes i'll definetly keep my head up! Enter The Dragon-thanks again! u've definetly helped me too! :wink: thanks yall!
  5. Enter The Dragon and BountyHunter-you guys just made my day.thank you so so much.
  6. well yeah..the title says it all.it makes me so mad that i have a lot of red marks.Before when i didnt have red marks, my skin was still clear, i was happy and i wasnt sad, i was positive about everything.But ever since i started to get acne, im a negative bitch all the time.I have my mini-gym in my garage, and i work out everyday, and my brother asks me if we could go run outside, i would always say no, because of my marks.I always wear make up,when i go out.Its like something i cant live witho
  7. please tell me the results after your surgery.well not really surgery but you know.Im sorry, i signed off, my computer froze.I'd appreciate it if you reply and tell me what happened at your surgery.