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  1. My advice, give up control and seek professional advice (NOT a derm!). The best thing I ever did (and what got me clear) was finding a good esthetician to diagnose and treat my skin. She uses combinations of facials, micro-dermabrasion, and light-heat therapy. She is able to look at your skin from beyond a rotely medical perspective, and it is WAY better than treating your acne like a DISEASE rather than a proper method of skin cleansing. She said the worst thing I did was try to fix my acne m
  2. Maybe its different for everyone - Differin has worked wonders for me! I've been on it over 5 months. After the initial scariness when I first went on it, my face started clearing up really quickly and now I only get the odd zit once in a while. This combined with a very simple regimen of cleansing with a non-soap cleanser and moisturizing, I have found works so much better than using all the different store-bought acne-fighting cleansers and moisturizers I have used in the past... whatever the
  3. Thanks everyone for your opinions - some of the comments were quite interesting! (Didn't realize I had jungle brows - who knew? ) I've always thought I had pleasant overall features, it's just the whole "redness" thing (yes, I'm a redhead) but I don't know what to do about redness! It's baffling! Anyways, you're all very sweet!
  4. Okay, reality check time! Please take a peak at my unphoto-shopped pic and tell me objectively how I look... because I'm afraid I've lost all perspective! P.S. Don't be afraid to be honest... I can take it! (but I did just get home from my sweaty job, so... not at my 100% in this pic) Thanks
  5. I just saw the same show a little while ago. There were quite some other far-gone people with absolutely terrible diseases: like the woman whose face looked like half of it had almost melted off! Or the man with the large and numerous skin "bubbles". Horrible stuff! But again, what is the advice that people always tell you is the key to happiness? Stop comparing yourself to others. I know, as an acne sufferer, that it feels near impossible not to compare my appearance against those who look be
  6. Yes, its tough to look at my aging group of friends (we're all 22-26) and be the only one whose skin doesn't want to "grow up". I always thought that between the ages of acne and wrinkles there was a blessed period where a young adult could be fresh-faced and carefree, find someone to love, and get a life started. It just does not feel fair (trite, I know) to be denied this grace period: my confidence is shot, my self-esteem is below average, and I'm frustrated and tired of dealing with this...
  7. Twenty-two... and counting
  8. Darkness has always felt more comfortable than light. I know my parents have told me umpteen times to turn on a light, because I'd do everything in the dark - including putting on makeup. I also would never look directly in a mirror, just peer at it so that I could see the part of my face I was working on and nowhere else. I wish I could walk around with a mask on. It'd make the daytime easier.
  9. Has anyone over 21 felt that having acne as an adult is far more damaging psychologically (and socially) than when/if you had it as a teenager? It just seems that when you're a teen with acne (as I have been), people - though cruel - forgive you for it because everyone assumes it's all a part of "growing" up... therefore, people assume a teen will "grow out of it" and - therefore - a teen with acne is treated normally because it is considered "normal" for a teen to have it. However, once the y
  10. Hey - is that picture of you? You look completely clear! I've been on Differin for a month now... has it really worked for you?

  11. We all have our own unique experiences, which is why it is difficult for one person to be able to understand suicidal thoughts, and completely easy for another. Personally, if I didn't have a family who'd be devastated if I killed myself, who knows if I'd still be here or not. But then, that's not the case for everyone... is it? Days like today... I wish I had to freedom to end this.