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  1. anyone have any ideas on this?
  2. Not sure if this is the best forum to put this in, but I was wondering if anyone knew if the lanolin in wool could cause breakouts? I know the irritation can, and that lanolin has antibacterial properties, but could it also clog pores? Thanks!
  3. Great, thanks! I've been good! Sadly, my studio apartment-sized blender has broken and, with so many classes and my meal plan at the dining hall, I haven't been drinking my green smoothies! A bit of strange skin, which I think can also be attributed to the weather. Hope all is well with you!
  4. Hey ABG Fairy! I was wondring what you think about Di-Indoyl Methane? I know people take it as a supplement because it is supposed to have some of the good effects of cruciferous veggies
  5. jokerj

    Okay, Bha And Bp

    i've fussed around w bha on my back for a while now, but have not given it a real shot i never really thought aha did much for it, though that coudl be for a million reasons i'm breaking out right now because i'm sick (always happens) but just ordered paula begoun's resist weightless body lotion and, when that arrives, will be trying that on my right side of my back for a few weeks in conjunction with the bp to see what happens here's hoping! xx EDIT: my fear in starting anything new on m
  6. additionally, i worry about... ahem... sweating and rubbing the bp off my back each night... if you know what i mean plus, it seems acnefree all day control foam is no longer being sold in stores, only online! i hope it is not discontinued
  7. i am also experimenting with ways to cut down on the bp gel's time, such as rubbing it in more and using less it seems that with the bp, it goes from being very wet to just kind of wet and sticky fairly quickly, but then it stays slightly wet and sticky for a LONG time (rubbing it in completely and using just one and a half pumps on either side of my entire back took about 10 minutes to dry to the point where it did not feel sticky, and, even then, my shirt stuck to it in places)
  8. i've found that aha has never really worked for me, though i do use it on ingrown hairs to some minor effect. what i hate most is that, after applying the bp, he nor anything can touch my back for like 10 min. also, i don't want to pause "us"-time by running off to the bathroom to put bp on. plus, i find it difficult to get up and apply bp when i'm happily cuddling with him in bed. speaking of which, i worry that i'll bleach his sheets. that was a great idea, rush, about bringing your own pillow
  9. I was wondering, how long does it take for you guys' bp to dry? I've talked about this in posts before, but I really feel like mine takes forever to dry despite rubbing it in and having completely dry skin beforehand. Also, while I'm posting, I get super dry hands from putting the bp on my back. Other than using a tool, what do you guys do to prevent this? Hope everyone is well!
  10. I'm reactivating this topic as it is once again a looming question in my life. How do you use the back regimen without: taking a bunch of time in someone's bathroom, not being able to be touched for 10-15 min, and potentially bleaching their sheets? Not to mention, how do you find time for the regimen when starting a new relationship? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.
  11. Okay, I have a question-- if the hormones that rise during PMS are progesterone and estrogen, why do treatments like BCP and Spiro, medications that would increase prog. and est. in relation to other hormones, work for premenstrual acne? Thanks!
  12. So, I just participated in a holi festival. While it was a HUGE blast, I'm now freaking out. The color won't come off, even after vigorous scrubbing, both of which I'm scared will worsen my acne. And I know the powdered dyes you get sprayed with are supposed to be really irritating and drying and people develop rashes, to which I'm prone. Anyone else play holi this or some other year, and, if so, have any tips?