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    Hey i'm back. So since going on accutane my acne is gotten much better, from Severe/moderate to mild. My skin been excellent since 2004. I decided to go back on accutane. I started three days ago. I really want to be fully acne free. Also, when I was on it it cleared up my skin alot. I use to have very rough skin because of clogged pores. I am hoping it clears that up too.
  2. well the only way to stop oil production is to start accutance again. other wise wash a few times a day. you could also put acne medication on it. Acne medication has stuff it in that dries your face.
  3. Alrite this is how it goes, my doc showed me his book when he did my perscription. Take how many KG u weight. When you first start your suppose to take 0.5mg of Accutane for each KG u weight. Then later on you take 1mg of accutance for every KG you weight. Now here is my story. I weighed i believe 67KG. My doc gave me 30mg to start off on. After 2 weeks all of my acne was gone and never came back. When i went for a check up with him, when he was suppose to raise my dosage he said not to bot
  4. well i was on minocin and then i took accutance, haveing antibiotics in my system and then going on accutance was not a problem
  5. ok this is right from the receipt. 180 10 mg pills was just over $400. This is in canada. (i did not pay this, i have a 100% perscription plan)
  6. I took accutance, acne is gone, if it comes back i will take it again. I hated looking in the mirror with all that acne i had last year. Since my acne has been gone i have just been so much happier with everything. To me that is worth it.
  7. everyone is different, he prob did grow out of it.
  8. well according to what i have read you only need to put it on once. However everyone is different so contime with ur twice a day, maybe try 3 times a day. But do not bother waking up, put in on in the morning and evening, right there you got twice a day and its less effort.
  9. usually the best options are to go to the doctor, or try the regimen
  10. use hand cream and st ives hand scrub i had constantly dry hand and use the scrub once a week and now i got nice hands
  11. Common side effects such as dry lips are very common. Uncommon side effects are very very uncommon. The chance of getting a uncommon side effect is small.
  12. just say you need it for your back as well, and they will write a big perscription for it. I have only had face acne and my doc gave me a perscription for 6 tubes.