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  1. Is anyone looking to sell a leftover bottle or two of the old moisturizer (even if it's partly used...)? I am having an allergic reaction to the new moisturizer formulation. I'm getting married in 8 weeks and I would prefer not to have to try out alternative moisturizers before the wedding. If anyone has started using the new moisturizer but still has a relatively full bottle of the old formulation, let me know. Thanks.
  2. That's really interesting...I used the first and second generation AHA+ lotion for more than a year without ever getting this sort of reaction - the redness and puffiness. However, I haven't used it for quite some time now (close to one year). So I wouldn't expect that I would be sensitive to the licochalcone. The strange part is that the reaction is mostly confined to under my eyes and around my mouth. Everywhere else I seem to be okay (although even my cheeks started to get a bit red). I'
  3. I recently ordered the new moisturizer and I've tried it three times now. Each time I use it, the area around my eyes and mouth becomes extremely puffy and red. After a few days that area peels and goes back to normal. This has happened on all three occasions I've used the moisturizer. It's a bit odd because those are the areas in which I don't use BP (or any other product besides cleanser). My forehead and cheeks are fine, even though I apply BP and occasionally Differen to those regions.
  4. I have been on the regimen for approximately one year. I rarely break out now, though the initial breakout, which was pretty hellacious, left me with about 20-25 small, slightly red/discolored, saucer shaped scars. In this year, I also attempted to wean myself off the BP, and in the interim took a month long course of minocycline and of doxy. During both antibiotics courses, I noticed that had incredible trouble both falling asleep and staying asleep. On most nights, I would wake up at least
  5. So I just had an appointment with Dr. Rokhsar for my mild but hyperpigmented cheek scars. He was convinced that a series of fraxel restore treatments would improve both the color and the depth of the scars. He would treat them aggressively, despite my tan complexion. He also said I would become a bit darker for a few months following treatment, but that I shouldn't let that hinder me (I am already a pretty tan individual of indian descent). I am interesting in trying the procedure, but $120
  6. until last summer, when i suffered a terrible breakout, nearly all my blemishes hyperpigmented, but very few left permanent scars. after that breakout however, most of the acne left shallow, hyperpigmented, indented scars. since i am of indian descent, these scars generally started off red, becoming dark brown, and then slowly faded. however, they remain a bit darker than the rest of my skin, even after almost one year. i am thinking about trying some sort of laser treatment in hopes of even
  7. bellydance, i am interested in finding out which doctor in nyc is performing your latest fraxel restores treatments. you can send me a message directly if you'd like. thanks!
  8. After some experimenting with the root, I think I found a pretty effective way to get the juice out. I put the root in a ziplock bag in the freezer for the day (or overnight). Once you take it out and it thaws, the root is much softer. You can actually peel the skin off with your fingers, and then gently squeeze the root. The juice just starts flowing and you can use the root directly on the face to get the maximum amount out. I don't think the freezing reduces the efficacy, though I can't
  9. I just came back from the derm. I had two painful, large papules forming on my left and right temples. I had never had a cortisone injection, and figured I would to try to nip them in the bud. However, I noticed the derm gave me the injections a little off-center, about 2-3 mm from the center of the actually pimples (like 2-3 mm). Is this normal? Will it effect the efficacy of the injections?
  10. Wondering if anyone who ordered the AHA+ (the old formula) is interested in selling it. I ordered some of the new AHA+, which is working well when I use it during the daytime, but I'm finding it doesn't moisturize as well as the old formulation at night. Let me know if you want to offload it.
  11. The root juice doesn't really come out that easily. If you poke it with a knife, a little liquid come out on top, but it's not really possible to get drops in your hand that you can spread around the face. Until now, I've just been poking the root and then applying it directly onto my face. Not the best method, but at least I'm getting a concentrated juice on the red spots. I'd love to be able to make a paste with it though. LPN455 and Helio - I gather you both use the root, do you have oth
  12. How does I make a mask/paste with the root rather than the powder. I can't seem to get enough juice out of the root simply by poking it. Suggestions?
  13. I purchased turmeric root. I tried to apply it yesterday, but I'm having trouble getting out the 'juice'. I'm hoping to mix it up with either yogurt or pure aloe vera. Helios, I know you mentioned you use the root. Any recommendations for liquifying the root effectively?
  14. After starting the regimen about 5 months ago, my skin was basically clear (no active acne) for about 3-4 months. To help with the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, I started using retin-a micro 0.04% every third night. I anticipated the I may start breaking out, and after about 2-3 weeks, I started getting whiteheads and a few small papules that would go away within a few days. However, in the last weeks, I have gotten three fairly painful, inflamed postules. I know that cortisone inject