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  1. angel7

    skye's log

    NO NEW PUSTULES! YEAY!!! Just the few that r still there but gradually clearing up! Face is becoming less dry and irritating which is great news! I think this regimen is going to work for my sensitive skin but i DO need it to work in getting rid of my acne too! so far so good though!
  2. Wow! so glad this is working for you *hugs*
  3. angel7

    skye's log

    I drunk a glass of wine tonight and now im stressing that im going to break out tomorrow! BTW Skin is doing okay! Still obsessing over my pustules in the mirror
  4. My god! Some people here do not understand that all our skin is different and acts in different ways to certain products! Im soooo glad that B/P is working for some peeps here but for goodness sake remember that there r alot of us with more sensitive skin that r unable to use B/P!
  5. angel7

    skye's log

    well....... i woke up this morning and my skin is still dry and but a little better i think! applied my CALMIN cleanser and moisturiser and it soothed my skin immediately! my face is still irritating slighty on my cheeks but is definetly much better. Im sure my new cleanser and moisturiser are really helping! the few pustules around my chin area are drying out so thats good news. im thinking about my diet atm and to be honest its not good! idrink lots of black coffee in the morning and love d
  6. angel7

    skye's log

    so....... Today my new products came! Yeah!!!! I started the new regimen today. This morning and this evening i applied: 'Calmin' Ultra Mild Cleanser and 'Calmin' Environmental Protection Cream SPF 15 So far so good! After just two applications my face is feeling much better. less dry, less red and very soothed! my pimples seem to be drying out too. I just hope this is long term success for me cos finding a product for my very sensitive skin has been a real struggle for years.
  7. You can find the Clean & Clear products at boots! If it doesn't help i have heard that Eucerin is good! xx
  8. yea i have tried the clean and clear for sensitive skin and its the only cleanser over the counter product that does not make my skin react bad! Maybe u will be alright with the simple products! There must be an ingredient in there that my skin is allergic to! I was very surprised and slightly shocked that my skin reacted badly to the simple products! Beware! There r alot of products out there that say they r for sensitive skin but cause alot of irritation on peoples skin! I guess it depends on
  9. I would go with the clean and clear but thats cos simple products make my skin flare up! If you suffer with sensitive skin i would go and buy the clean and clear for sensitive skin cleanser.
  10. ....... The 'calmin' cleanser and moisturiser? Just curious as i am waiting for mine to come! They r for very sensitive skin types and rosacea sufferers.
  11. My face looks like rosacea right now but i think its the B/P thats caused my problems arghhh!
  12. angel7

    skye's log

    arghhhhh! i had to take a bath! Not shower! It was not too hot! Now my face is so dry red and itchy! I hate this! Put Olay moisturiser on for sensitive skin and it relieved it for 5 minutes! Now its itchy and sore again! cant put anything else on cos all the other stuff got thrown away cos it hurt my skin! Waiting for my new products to come in the post! Hope they come tomorrow or thursday at the latest! Im getting desparate here!
  13. Thanx for the dictionary! I was trying to find somthing like that today! thats a great help *hugs*
  14. Hi all! I am going to try out a new cleanser and moisturiser called 'calmin' It contains; Aloe vera vit E Borage seed oil Chamomile extract Black currant seed oil Zinc oxide Both cleanser and moisturiser are fragrance and colour free, hyperallegenic and high in antioxidants! I have very very sensitive skin! Is there anything in this product that i should be worrying about? Guess im just nervous about trying it cos i have tried loads of products and i just flare up! I'd appreciate advice,