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  1. ezekiel tortillas from foodforlife are bomb and yeast and gluten free and are really healthy for you.
  2. beans are really healthy for you i would just watch out because alot of canned beans have lots of sodium.
  3. hi does anyone know a good vitamin c serum and a good chemical free sunblock thank you
  4. hey i was just wondering did you guys notice a difference in your skin texture/tone from using the lamp? and if you had large pores did it reduce there appearance?
  5. hey adella i was just wondering what kind of cp serum do you use? and does it work as a moisturizer?
  6. hi i was wondering if anyone knew if when rolling can you go over your non scarred areas or will it damage your skin? thank you
  7. hey lamarr sorry if this has already been asked i read most of the thread and didnt see it. i saw that the led man sells the hand held light with red, infared and yellow instead of buying all three would this be ok.. or is there a difference? also which ones would you recommend for overall nicer skin tone. the scars i have are minor and what really bothers me is just bad skin texture would these benifit me? thanks and congrats on your success.
  8. "the amount of pain and suffering required to meet a goal will equal the joy and fulfillment you will feel when you reach it"
  9. i figured it out to bruh were all fucked.
  10. sorry i dont know anything about those products either but your skin sounds exactly like mine so if you decide to try it out could you please post if you see any positive results.
  11. Hey snoopy where are you going to get your microdermabrasion at?
  12. i just stopped using bp i have been using it for a year and a half. i now just use aloe vera gel and i just started moisturizing today actually so well see how it goes. but it was either the bp or the purpose soap or both that damaged my skin beyond repair... good luck with your new regimen i hope it works for you bro
  13. hey anti did the results last up to this point or is it something that you need to continue doing?