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  1. My dr told me to buy Artificial Tears because it simulates the mucus that is in your tears and moistens your eyes
  2. Hi all, My doctor suggested the following: dry eyes: use artifical tears. They provide your eyes with "mucus" that it's missing. (not real mucus, but you get the point) dry lips: zinc oxide. it is typically found in the baby isle where the diapers/wipes are. I used this stuff on my son's terrible diaper rash when he was a baby and I swore by it. Never thought to put it on my lips! Put it on at bed time. It stays on long but it's white. Hope this helps someone. I have the zinc on my lips and
  3. I too wanted to take care of my hair while on accutane. Before starting, I asked my hair stylist what I can do. She said accutane will dry your hair from the inside out, so the only thing you can try is to definitely use a deep condtioning SALON quality shampoo and conditioner (that is, buy your shampoo AND conditioner from a salon) and take fish oil pills. I am using Paul Mitchel Moisture shampoo and conditioner that I got from the salon on sale for $40 (both are big bottles) which will last me
  4. Ah thanks everyone. I do have carmex but the soapy/medicine taste/smell is GRROOSS! I have been using it just at night and when my lips are burning during the day. I have found that the greasy ones (bath and body works' Rose Salve) gives me little white heads on my lips if I have been wearing it all day (yes, EW I know!). But they can just be scratched off...but still... it's gross. My sister lives in California so she's going to look at Walgreen's for aquaphor
  5. Hello all, Soooo, the side effects thus far (3 weeks on accutane) are bearable....EXCEPT my lips! They're sooooo dry! They don't look too bad and they aren't cracking but man oh man! I started out with regular chapstick, then carmex, then shea butter lip balm, then vaseline with rose (from Bath and Body Works), and now my lips hate me. They have little sore spots (just looks red) that I think is from the greese of vaseline, but I could be wrong. I live in canada and cannot find aquaphor for the
  6. I was in the same boat. I refused to take accutane since my dr recommended it back in 1999. Finally i considered it, researched it, and now i am amazed at my face even though I am just 16 days into it. No new acne, my skin tone seems more even, and those annoying red dots that each pimple I've ever had has left, are now pink (not red!). I can't wait to see what the remaining 4 months will do!
  7. I will recommend Cetaphil (face cleanser) and Aquatain (moisturizer) until I'm blue in the face! I love that cetaphil is so gentle and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aquatain. It seems thick when you first put it on, but your skin will drink it up. it's great! I found Aquatain right beside Cetaphil at the pharmacy.
  8. I have mild acne and I am on a 4.5 month course. My doctor said it can be extended if need be though.
  9. I use Aquatain. It's greeeeat! It seems a bit thick when you first put it on, but your skin will drink it all up!
  10. I was on diane 35 pre-accutane but I was on it to treat my acne (which worked very well, besides the 7 days once a month) but because I have an IUD, I don't need to take it anymore (but I still do).
  11. I put hydrochortisone cream on my lips and then I put vaseline on top. It usually stays put for a good hour, providing I don't eat or drink while it's on. My lips feel smooth and normal with the cream/vaseline on. My lips only feel tight when I don't have anything on them, but they do not look dry. But I am a bit obsessive with putting the creme/vaseline on...and reapplying after I drink/eat.
  12. I have mild acne...mainly just the acne that hasn't cleared up (the lovely red spots that each pimple has left) and I too have had acne since I was 12 (11 years ago;). It really only got to be moderate once a month (hm, wonder why?!) but I could generally cover with makeup. Anyway, I'm on day 11 and I have not yet had a break out or any new pimples. My skin is not dry except for a little bit on my nose by my nose stud. I strongly recommend Cetaphil (cleanser) and Aquatain (moisturizer). What I'm
  13. If I haven't experienced a breakout yet, do you think that lessens the chances of me getting a major one? Thanks!
  14. Definitely Cetaphil for cleanser!! I use Aquatain for moisturizer and I LOVE it. It seems thick when you first put it on, but because it is water-based, it gets absorbed quickly and leaves your skin looking great.
  15. Hi all, I am on day 9 of accutane (isotretinoin). I began with mild acne, which can be moderate at times (particularly once a month). Right now, my lips feel dry (but don't look dry), I have had headaches and my eyes have felt dry/tired/strained. So far no new pimples, other than the 4 I started with, which are almost gone, and my skin is not particularly dry. I am on 40 mg/day and will be bumped up to 80 mg/day this week. I am wondering, based on your experience, if this bump up in dosage will