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  1. Meh, gone again. :( Will we ever see you again, hmm?

  2. Where on this planet are you located and how old are you? Just thinking about the possibilities of me coming for a visit and to drag you out of your house to the moonlight. The darkness... is beautiful, isn't it?

  3. Completely engross yourself with your studies. You must worry about you, for you are most important in your life now---no one else. All of those human beings that you see walking around conversing, chit-chatting, flirting, and mingling should not exist in your world anymore. They're only there to bring you down now. You cannot allow that to happen.
  4. Take care of yourself, artofdrowning! :)

  5. great to see you back bro...hope ur still hanging in there

  6. Don't be sorry. There's no doubt in my mind, severe cystic acne is absolutely horrible.
  7. Hmmm, I see. Well I suppose that you all know exactly what goes on through this mind now. Yes, I surprise myself with my own thought processes.
  8. Yes, do not give in to popular belief that college is the only gateway to a successful life. There are a multitude of people who own businesses; who serve in the armed forces; who write books and newpapers; who are composers, designers, and artists; who work overseas; and there are a multitude of people who do government contracting work. Most of these people live/have very successful lives. Workmanship + experience >= Book smarts.
  9. Prozac, now at a very high dosage. I was on Lexapro, but it gave me horrible, horrible dreams and extremely violent thoughts.
  10. I do appreciate all of your kind words, but in the grand scheme of things, the general pop could care less that I'm back. That's the truth and there is no denying it. Hell, I could have pulled that trigger and had my head severed from my torso, and I guarantee that not one person on this site would of truly cared. Sure, it would have been the talk of the town because it is quite the traumatic end, is it not? But does that mean he/she truly cares? No, of course not. The fact still remains that I
  11. Is it harder to remove hypertrophic scarring from the face than it is from the body? If so, which would you prefer? Incision, co2 laser, dermabrasion, or self surgery?
  12. Yes, I'm on a hefty dose of Prozac now and the panic attacks have come down a bit. The dark thoughts never seem to go away however