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  1. Hey Jamie, thats all i was looking for was to be able to help someone out because I'm not any scientist lol. i just have been through all the in's and out's with b5. To aswer your question.. Honestly i took no b-complex for the first year. I thought everything was fine but then i started relizeing i was having problems from all my defienciencies. So i researched it and come to find out i was right so i started taking it. My suggestion is to take one a day complex-100 or every other day. Or t
  2. my name is brad and ive been on b5 for over 2 years and i dont come back to the forums at all anymore just rarely to read some peoples stuff. the reason i dont come anymore is because im not seraching the site in and out anymore for a cure to my acne. but u probly read some of my previous post. but i just wanted to say honestly to all the people that dont think b5 works. it really does. -------- 1.) With any treatment your going to have to breakout first b4 it gets better so you have to get over
  3. basically bro, but there were a couple times where i wanted to save money by taking less pills so i tried 15 a day and that worked but not as good it didnt knock out all the clogged pores/blackheads.
  4. PLEASE READ IF TAKING B5!!!! Oh and excuse the bad grammer and waht not i was just trying to get my point out there not be all pretty.ty my name is brad and if u read all the post u saw me a couple times. Well i basically dont want to type this but i think anyone that is taking b5 or plan to take it should have in mind. First off i been on b5 for almost coming on 2 years. I have had my up and downs, but mostly up. I can honestly say that b5 has had changed my acne very much. I started out like
  5. ok its been a month now since i started back up my b5 from quiting it for a month of taking it for 2 years. i can finally say that im almost back to my clear face!! never stoppin b5 intake again .
  6. HOLY SHIT if you have been using b5 for more then 5 months and you dont break out that much..keep it going..i took it for almost 2 years thought i was done with acne...THINK AGAIN im not even kidding my face was 98% clear stopped b5 dry..for a month.. have about 30 little red pimples.. they just keep coming..FUKKIN A MAN.
  7. ok so basically been going on this site for about 5 years went thru the whole BP reg. horrible idea..then found b5...didnt really do anything for the first 2 months.. it was just like it was b4 i started then after that i was basically clear for about a year and a half... then dropped it to about 15 a day then got to 10 pills a day... then my dad couldnt get the pills about a month ago..so i havnt tooken them for almost 4 weeks...was on them for a year and a half.hmmm thought i kinda grew out of
  8. well im basically done with picking!!! been doing it for 4 years and have multiple scars from it. but since i been pretty much clear i decided to leave my face aLONe but once in a while ill get a cyst or pimple. whats the best thing to put on it? some products i have. 1. BP 2. Aloe vera 3. ACV 4. a couple face masks exp. Mint Julep 5. Neosporin
  9. no one answered my q. does it help with rolling scars?
  10. so does ACV help rolling scars? and if it does how long do i have to keep using it to see results? been on it 7 days so far GREAT:D smoother and havnt broke out as much:D
  11. keep it up and it will decrease more. been on b5 for6 1/2 months havnt had a pimple in 2 weeks:D appose to 3-7 a day.<3b5
  12. 3rd day on it and my face burns everytime i put it on. heh and stays red for a while. but then i slap on some aloe vera and burining be gone! but red still there:( face is noticbly softer/smoother but ive gotten small tiny tiny pimples ...
  13. ok so i picked up the braggs ACV and hoping to try it out. so just rub in face after cleansing morning and night with cotton ball? and also i got fish oil vitamins how should i take these? anyone?
  14. since yesterday i have been taking 15 a day. 5 morning 5 at lunch 5 at dinner. hope this goes better.
  15. sorry to say but after using b5 for 7 months last year i have slight rosacea...i forgot what the name was called but its when your blood vessels like pop or sometihng and your face is permenatly red... its not bad but you can defenitatly tell...
  16. ok im on month 6 of b5... started out at 5g a day for 4 days then 10g for the next 5 months... about 2 1/2 months in i was clear hear and there so much better then when i started though. i would get mybe 1-2 zits every 7 days. but they wernt really zits they were regular size cyst or mini ones that took about 3 days to come to a head. really sucks. but i was fed up with taking so much damn b5. 20 pills a day. 5 at a time 4 times a day. so 3 weeks ago i dropped down to 5 in the morning and 5 at n
  17. ive been on vitamin shoppe brand for almost 4 months now and have great results!. havnt had pimples in a while .really cool. what i found out today when i was looking in the mirror. is my blackheads on my nose are starting to clear up it was my whole nose full of blackheads now its only about 50% of it.really cool to notice stuff like that a real confidence booster to:)
  18. you guys have to do 10g a day and wait for about 3-4months. then u will see improvements.
  19. b5! u probly heard of it but my face is 90% clear and my back is just aobut 100% clear but im on day 95 of 10g. a day. b5. so it took a while but worked!. lovin it. thanks for the support to guys needed it when i was down...
  20. im on day 95 and im just about clear:) but i didnt use anything else except b5 10g. a day.
  21. im on day 93. and im just starting to clear up. have been clear for like 4 days. took along time but hopefully this is it.. nice post tho.
  22. i have mild scarring ice picks and a couple rollers. but my skin is kinda uneven tone and sometimes red is there a product i can buy to improve any of this? any help would be apprieciated.thanks