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  1. will it be fine if i use purity by philosophy soap while on accutane?
  2. do you guys recommend any acne medicine, cleansers or anything that would help this skin? :[ i was thinking spiro but i want to see if i can use something else before i go get it. plus i have like two big cysts forming on each side of my cheek! picture below
  3. i want to try out spiro since i've heard good results from other ppl who have also had acne problems. i have moderate to severe acne [cysts on my cheeks, chin and jawline]. the only problem is that i recently been approved for insurance and was effective about a week ago and think that if i go to the derm and ask for spiro the insurance might not cover costs because of it being considered a "pre-existing" condition. do you think my insurance [blue cross] will cover spiro?
  4. would taking husk fiber change the effectiveness of birth control like yasmin?
  5. is baby oil good to use when taking off everyday mineral makeup foundation for someone who has both sensitive and acne skin?
  6. what makeup do you guys recommend for ppl who have moderate acne? im still getting breakouts (whiteheads, etc.) and don't know what kind of foundation, concealer, or primer to use. please help
  7. I've been reading that flaxseed oil and fish oil supplements are good for your skin. However, I have moderate acne (perhaps due to hormones) and was wondering if any of these supplements will help my skin. I usually get many pustules (more recently due to starting the regimen). I hope to hear from someone soon :] thank you
  8. okay this might sound gross but one of my pustules popped on its own. is that okay? i guess cause of all the pressure that is underneath it but i wiped it carefully with a q-tip and left it alone. will i start getting pimples around that area now? i didn't even touch it! my face is truly a battlefield don't lose hope tho! my face is very very slowly getting somewhat better. and by that i mean the whiteheads/pustules are healing faster than usual which is a good sign. hang in there!
  9. ah! i was so close to popping my face yesterday but i didn't. now i know why ppl would turn to other options around the second week. i have about 6-8 pustules on both sides of my face (along the jawline) and several whiteheads (that will eventually turn into pustules :/). it's still red, dry and flaky. i think im having a hard time because i go to work every day and avoid wearing makeup. my face looks so poppable! haha..but anyways does the regimen work when you have hormonal acne because by thi
  10. im glad that other people are on the same track as i am . i'll be sure to update and hopefully muster up the courage to post pictures sometime this week.
  11. What kind of acne would you think you would have? I feel as though im hoping too much. I see no improvement instead see a worsening. I get like 3 new whiteheads/pustules at the end of the day. Why is this happening? I really hope my face somewhat improves towards the end of this week
  12. thanks for assuring me! im beginning my second week now and i upped the dose but now i have more and more whiteheads, with a lot of redness :/ i hope this is normal too
  13. So i have been on the regimen for a week now and i was wondering if it is normal to have whitehead breakouts? It's really annoying to see a new one every day :/ and most of them are along the jawline or on my neck (and have couple pustules forming). I would consider myself to have moderate acne. Please let me know or give me any sort of advice on what i can do! thank you