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  1. yes please do produce a larger sized BP!
  2. Obi... Kamu datang dari Singapura? Saya boleh cakap Melayu My malay sucks haha... anyway that's cool, i never knew there were quite a number of other singaporeans here... :shock:/
  3. i'm Asian too and i find Body Shop's stick concealer in #4 matches my skin pretty alright.
  4. I've been on the regimen since the beginning of the year and yep, it works. But i only put lots of BP on my face at night, not twice a day like Dan recommended it. I've also been consuming more vitamin C in my diet and noticed i haven't been getting any pimples lately... maybe except for one or two. I agree with what some people have said though, don't modify the regimen until you've been on it for a couple of months. Good luck!
  5. Yeah, i gotta agree with that. The two main languages i speak and are very familliar with are English and Malay (that's my mother tongue), which use Roman alphabets. I took up German 4 years ago (and it's alphabets are also mostly roman alphabets), and it's certainly much easier than learning Arabic! I can't even read Arabic properly.. But i've been trying to learn properly these days, hopefully i'll master it.
  6. hmm does anyone have any advice on what colour(s) i should use? My eyes are really dark brown, almost black (i'm asian). I've been thinking about using eyemake these days, but being the makeup idiot that i am i get a headache just thinking which colours to use... #-o
  7. I'd recommend just concealer as well. I'm using only that and it does a really good job making my face look clear. Anyway i hate foundation cause its so messy and simply plain annoying.
  8. cool thanks for the tip... Don't mean to sound like an idiot but what's visine?
  9. i think salicylic acid promotes exfoliation of the skin surface cells or something like that.. It didn't do much for me though. And according to some people on the boards, it made their skin worse.
  10. how about the cleanser? has anyone tried them yet?
  11. well frances just said everything i wanted to say, so... Remember to moisturise!
  12. I believe it's a cyst... I had a couple of them before a few months back and they went away after some time. Took some time though... And up till now some of the redness is still there but it's hardly noticable.
  13. I suggest using blotting sheets, those blue ones from Johnsons & Johnsons... it's a short-term solution though. I've also heard of a couple of oil-controlling sprays (someone correct me if i'm wrong), i think there are some threads regarding them.