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  1. Actually you can use a normal screw cap which closes tightly, then give the pump separately. Many companies are doing this. In this way, there will not be leakage at all. I do have problems with the pumps and it's happening everytime when I receive my order. I thought this only happens to overseas parcel, like mine. After reading this message, I realised that it's almost everyone's problem. Some lucky ones will not have broken pumps and leakage, of course. But for the parcel to take 2 weeks to
  2. I have been taking 10mg/day for one month. I realize that I have more breakouts than before I started taking it. Doc advised me to take it for 3 months. He said most people will stop after 3 months as they won't need it anymore. But if I keep having more breakouts, I wonder if I can have clear skin by end of 3 months. By the way, these breakouts are super big ones, like a few pimple group together into one. I am using Dan's Cleanser and BHA. I wonder what did I do wrong? Why are most people gett
  3. Hi Jason You mentioned that when you apply BP in the morning, it stings, that's why you stopped using it. I think it's ok to use BP once a day too. I used it once a day before. But I will like to make a guess on why you felt the sting in the morning and not at night. My guess is.. you are using it together with the moisturizer. When combining both BP and moisturizer, it does sting (from my experience). At night when you use BP with AHA, you wont have the problem. So my guess is the BP + Moist
  4. I bought my Sal Acid from here (Acne.Org). You go to the STORE, there is a YELLOW BEAN at the left bottom which tells you BE A PART OF A BETA PRODUCT TRIAL. Just click it and you will see the Sal Acid. It is really a great product. My face will be red initially, but the redness will subside after a while, say 30 mins or so. I am not really bothered with it, since I am at home most of the time. Yes, I think I will consider to sell my bottles of BP and Moisturizer off cheap but I wonder if anyo
  5. As said in the topic, I'm from Singapore. The first time I stepped into Acne.org was last year.. cant remember which month. This place was great, plenty of information, advices and great products. When I started, I used whatever I can find in Singapore, but try to get whatever that's recommended here. I had used Cetaphil Cleanser, Water Based 2.5% BP from Guardian Pharmacy and some moisturizer which I cant remember their names. But those are lousy moisturizers. After using these, I saw results
  6. You know what I did to stop using BP? I just replace it with Dan's SA. The best of it? It saves me steps. Just wash then SA. In morning, add SPF. No need moisturizer anymore. I love simple steps and it works as well too, better actually.
  7. I have ordered an extra set of Dan's 16oz kit. It will comprise of Cleanser, BP and Moisturizer, all in 16oz pump size. Email me [email protected] if you are interested to get. Letting go at S$130. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm ordering soon and will be choosing the UPS worldwide saver which can reach me 2-4 working days. If you want to order together with me, email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  9. I also had the same problem you are having now. Drier skin, so I used moisturizer more frequently like you are doing now, then I realised it was wrong. I had more acnes than before. What I did to get better was to stick with the same regimen, wash, BP then moisturizer but add with Jojoba oil and leave it. During that time, I also realised that I touched my face quite frequently so I trained myself not to do it. Eventually, everything got better. I hope you can give this regimen more time. It m
  10. Just wonder did you do what Dan's demostrated? You must be gentle with your skin to avoid irritation. Watch his videos if you have no idea how to do it. Make sure you follow exactly to have a better result, even the waiting time before you apply the next product. If you have, did you use the amount Dan had suggested? If you don't, the videos showed clearly and you just need to follow them clearly. If you have, just add more patience to allow your skin to show improve.
  11. The reason I am currently using moisturizer followed by BP so that my skin won't feel so dry and it works for me. I think Dan's Moisturizer is just different so I have to stick to its original regimen, cleanse, (i will add tone here.. ) BP then moisturize for night time. I don't like to use BP in the day because the Clinique City Block Sheer just can't glide smoothly.. it's like balling up.. like cakey... so I just use BP at night.
  12. I just wonder whether will there anyone be using Dan's Moisturizer first, followed by Dan's BP? That's what I am doing now, moisturizer first then Dan's BP, but I am not using Dan's Moisturizer, not yet. I just order a travel size to try out. So I wonder whether do I really need to use BP then moisturizer or I can use moisutrizer then BP? If you have used or using this method (moisturizer then BP), can you tell me whether it works better for you or .. not? Thanks in advance!
  13. I have the same question so what I am doing now.. it means I am still doing it and monitoring the progress... I drink ORGANIC Apple Cidar Vinegar (20ml to 1.5 cups of water) at least 3 times a day, upon arising, mid morning and mid afternoon. I am been doing this for about a month and so far so good. I am gradually reducing BP application from twice a day to once a day (night only), eventually I will reduce the amount I am using now from 1 pump to half pump slowly.... and quarter pump and no mor
  14. I had used Panoxyl before too and it gave me all the unpleasant appearance like you mentioned. But the BP treatment from Dan is really good. It's totally different from Panoxyl and much much better. No more red sore face or flaky skin. Try it! You'll find the change worth it. I had used Panoxyl before too and it gave me all the unpleasant appearance you mentioned. But after switching to Dan's BP, my face is much better. No more red sore flaky skin. Try it! You will find the switch worth it.