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  1. I've been considering trying an at home glycolic acid peel for my acne scars. I've had acne since I was 15 (I'm 21 now) and recently started taking saw palmetto and I don't really break out anymore (except around that time of the month ) I don't know if it's coincidence or not but either way...it's time to get rid of these RED MARKS!!!! Anyway, I'm just wondering if these peels cause significant amounts of peeling. I had a peel done a few years ago (blue light dynamic therapy, I think it was
  2. I can't say, really. However, it probably just lightens the marks and does nothing to the rest. Hmm, alright I may try that one then Thank you!
  3. Is a glycolic acid mask different than a peel? Sorry I'm so illiterate with this stuff. Also is there another ingredient i can substitute for lemon in the homemade mask? I've tried lemon on my face before and was left with blotchy white spots. Could I just put vitamin C from a capsules in the mixture?
  4. Yeah, I read about that one...But would it lighten all of my skin, or just help the marks heal?
  5. Has anyone had success in lightening their marks with a mask? If so, which ones did you use?
  6. If it went away on BC and came back after stopping it, then it's likely hormonal. If birth control isn't an option, you could try spironolactone as it blocks testosterone. If seeing a dermatologist and getting that isn't an option either, then you should research some natural/supplemental hormone controllers. I know I saw people talking about some in the other boards, so you can snoop around the boards and I'll try to find some for you later and post them here
  7. I have been taking spironolactone for my cycstic acne, which has worked a miracle on my face, but I was wondering if anyone here has given blood while taking it? i know i can just ask the people at carter blood care, but it's late and i was just curious if they let you?
  8. I recently went to my dermatologist about acne (duh). I've been on a lot of ineffective oral drugs and topicals blah blah, but I did photodynamic therapy last year which helped a lot for a few months after I did it, but it came back as it always does. I don't really want to do that again because it's a pain to have to sit inside for a week while my stupid face sheds like a molting snake, not to mention it's expensive, especially for a temporary "cure." So she suggested that I do a vitamin A peel
  9. Your liver is what controls the levels of triglycerides in your blood, bud, which is why liver health is important. A damaged liver would result in wonky triglycerides
  10. I took it about 3 years ago...I don't remember how long I was on it for, but it never helped me and my derm put me on another antibiotic, which also didn't help...As for whether it made me worse before it made me better, I honestly don't remember. My acne was so bad that I probably wouldn't have noticed anyway. Good luck!
  11. Carbs aren't the only thing that will make excess triglycerides. Your liver makes any extra calories, whether it's carbs, fat, or protein. Maybe you already read this, I just copied it from a website: * keep an active lifestyle * eat a healthy diet low in saturated fats and trans fats o use lower fat dairy or cheese instead of regular version o trim visible fats from meats o cook with canola, olive or peanut oils (read The Best Cooking Oils?) * include
  12. I have no idea if smoking helps or causes acne. I've heard people say it totally cleared their face and for others it breaks them out, so who knows. However, if you smoke too much it will have other damaging effects on your skin down the line like premature wrinkles and whatnot, and that IS a known fact. If you're willing to deal with that skin issue over acne, then I say go for it.
  13. Has anyone experienced tingling hands while taking doxycycline?
  14. I've considered it, but I am VERY hesitant. Plus, I've heard too many stories about acne coming back after stopping Accutane and considering my history with acne treatments, that would happen to me and it would just end up being a waste of money
  15. Has baking soda ever broken anyone out? Just wondering before I try this. I don't want to take any risks!!