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  1. the only advice I have for you is to be sure that you're not using too much of the product. use the TINIEST bit and it will go a long way. it will feel like you're not using enough, but trust me--it is enough, especially for a minor case. I would expect your derm to give you another topical on top of the differin--I guess that wasn't the case. but I use klaron lotion with mine, which is a topical antibiotic cream. it helps calm things down. are you using differin once or twice a day? if using
  2. I know this is sort of an old post but I used to use benzaclin for years and during that time I did have severe pains in my lower stomach, constipation, etc. I'm talking extremely uncomfortable to the point where I could not sleep because of the pain. The stomach problems weren't consistent, however; I'm not sure I can blame it on the benzaclin, because I did use it for a very long time. but considering your experience, it could definitely be related. I haven't used the med for years and haven't
  3. is that so? i didnt think anyone was reading me lol how are you? i go to northestern university, perhaps you've heard of it.

  4. hey! sweet deal... I'm trying my hardest to get out of this state. lived here pretty much all my life.

    how are things going for you? I always like your post, btw. they're very amusing :)

  5. I use No7 Mattifying make-up base and I really like it. You can get it at Target, I believe. and if it's not at the store you can order it online. I have oily skin so I feel your pain! I also use No7 intelligent balance mousse foundation which is great.
  6. In my long search I finally found a foundation for oily skin when I was in England. it's called No7 intelligent balance mousse foundation. I got it from Boots while there, and was afraid they wouldn't sell it in the states. but fortunately target sells the brand! I highly recommend this, as my skin is oily and acne-prone and this is the only stuff that doesn't melt off my face two minutes after applying. the only thing about this foundation is that it tends to really show off the places where yo
  7. hey yea i don't know where i would be if i didn't find this help, thanks fr your support, how have you been doing lately ?

  8. hey you, don't know if you remember me but I was wondering about your progress and I just read your blog. wow. I'm so happy for you. it seems that very often alternative medicine works better than anything else, yet nobody ever gives them any credit. congrats on your recovery!!

  9. I by far recommend Revlon's Color Stay foundation for oily/acne-prone skin. You only need a bit and it provides great coverage. I have incredibly oily skin, any foundation I use starts running and gets shiny in what seems like less than an hour. But this foundation stays put and controls shine. I still have slight shine becaues my skin is just that annoying... but this helps tremendously. it's not too pricey either, and you can get it at Walgreens and similar stores. Give it a try! I think you'l
  10. im glad to hear it cleared for you, i'm getting there starting to get better on my new herbs for hormones and adrenal support

  11. thank you for your nice comment. :) how is everything going with you

  12. oh come on, buddy. you're adorable and have nothing to worry about. confidence is going to make or break you in social situations. you just have to realize that you're the only one who cares so much/notices your skin, because seriously, you look perfectly fine. but I do understand what you're going through. people tell me that I overact about my skin too. but we can't help what we see in the mirror! people who have never had acne simply cannot relate to us. I was the same way about getting a job
  13. I think that might be overkill. benzaclin can do the job on its own. I would recommend cetaphil daily facial cleanser for a face wash, it is just a basic soap but cleanses very well and doesn't overdry. I just started benzaclin for the third time in my life tonight (always had good results in the past but for some reason discontinued... probably because of cost). I expect I'll be very pleased with this product again, as will you! best of luck.